Find the Troll Faces Part 8 (Roblox)

Find the Troll Faces Part 8 (Roblox)

Find the Troll Faces Part 8 (Roblox)




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36 Replies to “Find the Troll Faces Part 8 (Roblox)”

  1. To get the heaven realm in the easy way you have to get all the realms
    So i forgot to put revamp realm maybe?
    And you have to scroll settings down in revamp realm is may shaking is only a few tries

  2. So the god chomik is very tricky you have to press settings and scroll it down and you have to press heaven fall or something and tell some codes and you will be teleported to heaven realm theres only two chomiks the archangel chomik and god chomik and btw god you have to finish a obby and go to a stairway beat a boss battle and you can get the god chomik btw lemme tell you all the difficulty charts
    1. Easy
    9. …

  3. Hey catzo go play find the chomiks (hamsters) dont type hamsters to see find the chomiks find the chomiks is a fun game it even had lots of realm the hardest chomik is the god chomik well the Ao realm is creepy theres only 2 chomiks there is called Ao nik and jigsaw chomik well if your in the normal place you have to get some chomiks i hope you saw my comment well i will tell you a intense chomik theres a key on the school its hidden and its in 2nd floor well its hidden in the picture that says painting is fun is near to the window you can unlock the locked locker on the school on 1nd floor

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