Flutter Course – Full Tutorial for Beginners (Build iOS and Android Apps)

Flutter Course – Full Tutorial for Beginners (Build iOS and Android Apps)

Learn Flutter, Google’s groundbreaking multi-platform mobile development framework to create apps for Android and iOS. In this course, Nick Manning from fluttercrashcourse.com teaches you how to get up and running with Flutter quickly and effectively. Nick has been a Flutter engineer since 2017 and has boiled down this real-world know-how into a clear-cut, realistic and step-by-step crash course. Flutter apps are written in the Dart programming language

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⭐️ Contents ⭐️
(0:00) Intro:
⌨️ What this course covers

(2:15) Layout in Flutter:
⌨️ Layout concepts
⌨️ Column, mainAxisAlignment, crossAxisAlignment
⌨️ Container and Parameterized StatelessWidgets

(14:48) Images:
⌨️ Image, BoxConstraint
⌨️ Configuring image assets
⌨️ Implementing ImageBanner

(30:05) Text:
⌨️ Importing a custom font
⌨️ Finalizing our TextSection with Column and EdgeInsets
⌨️ ThemeData, TextTheme and organizing style

(48:30) Models:
⌨️ Using Models to represent data and functionality
⌨️ Making our screen dynamic
⌨️ Generics, map(), Anonymous Functions and Cascades

(69:33) Navigation and Lists:
⌨️ Parameterized named routes
⌨️ MaterialPageRoute, RouteFactory
⌨️ ListView and GestureDetector

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