FT Kevin Campbell – Kroenke Speaks On Summer Transfers – Arsenal Tracking Tchouameni

FT Kevin Campbell – Kroenke Speaks On Summer Transfers – Arsenal Tracking Tchouameni

Stan Kroenke speaks out on the summer transfers plans of the club. Arsenal are one of a number of clubs tracking Tchouameni. US tour details have been announced for the summer.

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33 Replies to “FT Kevin Campbell – Kroenke Speaks On Summer Transfers – Arsenal Tracking Tchouameni”

  1. Lautaro and Jesus as our forward options would be a huge upgrade on Lacazette and Nketiah. Hope the club get those two, people like Nunez and Isak are looking way overpriced considering noone really knows what their true level is. KC and Curtis with a great link up as per 👌🏽

  2. We need a second squad as aforementioned if we're going to compete in Europe. Let's see how this work out with our owners. Are they ambitious enough or not. That is the question 🤔

  3. I'm worried if any of the players you have mentioned are watching this video this might affect their trust and confidence hence loosing hope, at the end we may find out selves in regrets if we loose the match against Leeds and Spurs… I'm sorry to say I hope we won't.

  4. Bug C and KC we need a second squad if we're going to compete in the European league. Our owners need to decide if they are ambitious or not. COYG.

  5. 2, We need 2 striker 1 that can score 35 goals a season and 1 that can score 20 to 25 goals. Like Nunez and Jesus are Tommy Schick Moreno

    1, We need a starting left winger to who can score 15 to 20 goals per season to share games with Martinelli , some 1 like sterling with ucl experience.

    1, We need a right winger to share games with saka, like Gnabry with the world class quality, to push saka, a guy that can score 20 goals per season.

    1, We need a #10 to share games with Odegaard 1 with 10 goals and 20 assist per season.

    2, We need 2 DCM to share games with Xhaka and partey ,My pick Rice and Bissuma.

    1, We need 1 very good left back to share games with Tierney.

    1,We need1 world class center back with experience that can teach Gabi White and siliba.

    1, We need a right back to share ge with tomi,

    We should keep Leno he is good enough for this club share games with Ramsdale, keep Turner to play fa cup an efl

  6. It’s going to be tough as Newcastle and Man U will be on the hunt for transfers as well , after what happened in January I’m not confident that Arsenal can do good business.

  7. I listen to every Curtis show… Except the Kevin Campbell ones where I reach a point where I have to switch off… Let's see how long

  8. Kev talking that talk today😄, loving it, Bruck da Nek, Big up Curtis with the great content as usual..🙏🏾💪🏾😤🔥

  9. Great analysis, and I fully agree that Arsenal needs to break the bank whem they qualify for the champions league. They need the 8 players. They have what it takes to win big trophies and its full time now they be confident to push for those roles. Top players will stop seeing Arsenal as a laughing stock and want to play for this great club.

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