Go Beginner Project Tutorial – Learn Golang

Go Beginner Project Tutorial – Learn Golang

Welcome back to another tutorial! In this video I’m going to be teaching the basics of Go while applying what we learn directly into a project! So rather than listening to theory, I’m going to teach a basic concept and immediately apply it to this go project for beginners!

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Go String Formatting:

⭐️ Timestamps ⭐️
00:00:00 | Introduction
00:01:28 | Introduction to Go
00:03:18 | Go Setup and Install
00:06:46 | Hello World Program In Go
00:09:37 | Running Go Code
00:13:56 | Project Explanation
00:15:05 | Variables and Data Types
00:22:54 | Fmt (Printf and Scan)
00:35:18 | Conditions
00:37:51 | Conditionals (if/elif/else)
00:55:36 | Arithmetic
01:02:16 | Type Conversions
01:04:17 | Logical Operators
01:07:56 | Conclusion

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