Granit Xhaka back before end of the year I Arsenal v Newcastle I Mikel Arteta press conference

Granit Xhaka back before end of the year I Arsenal v Newcastle I Mikel Arteta press conference

0:00 INTRO
0:20 Granit back sooner than expected – before end of the year
0:50 Good reaction in dressing room after Liverpool
1:17 Players spoke up in dressing room – which did not always happen before
1:40 Need to show what we can do against Newcastle on Saturday
2:30 Newcastle have made changes and we have to prepare for that
3:00 Admire Eddie Howe and his staff
3:15 Difficult for him with Covid
3:40 Wilshere signed up short term? Players think he’s playing well and know his qualities
4:30 Jurgen Klopp row was spontaneous and I will always defend my players and club
5:00 What to get a win straight after a defeat
5:40 We all love Joe Willock – difficult to let him go
6:20 Klopp clash positive? I don’t know – it is who I am
7:00 KT play as a wing back?
8:10 Defence pairing looking good
9:27 Fan movement needs to be discussed and football will evolve hopefully in right direction
10:20 Newcastle owners down to regulators
11:08 Lacazette not only player contract ending
12:15 Players have to perform whether have six months or six years left
12:35 Spoke to Wenger at his film and hopefully we can bring him close to us again
13:00 I would like him to help me and the club but things take time.

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta discusses a range of subjects ahead of a Premier League match against Newcastle United.

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25 Replies to “Granit Xhaka back before end of the year I Arsenal v Newcastle I Mikel Arteta press conference”

  1. i believe in my humble respecteable opinion Granit"the sheriff"Xhaka return soon at the first line of my team the guner institution.Because it's so urgently so important so mutch necessary, bwcause it's so mutch necessary return at the victorys go on 🔥Arsenal hughs and regreats from everyone of you in England from Bolivia La Paz City

  2. Arteta playing the "Wenger Ball" trying to get the fans behind him by bringing the club legend in Wenger back to the club playing the Sentiment card ,we need new players at the club to improve not Retired men build a statue to show respect by this club

  3. I trust this guy to take us out of the hole we are in. Maybe not take us to 2004 glory, but to 2009 or 2010, when he was a player, constant top four and Champions League football, and an FA Cup win every other year

  4. Granit must be the best practic-er in history… because on the pitch he goes backwards more than Marty McFly and is never scared to put in a red-card tackle.

  5. The difference is Liverpool are a finished article team.. Klopp has been drilling this kind of high intensity for 6 years..I think we couldn't cope up with them in the 2nd half as we maintained in the intensity in the 1st..I am hoping a bounce back

  6. If arteta wants to win me over he afto make the top 4 sell and sign these players.

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