Halo the Series Episode 6: Solace – Easter Eggs, References, and Lore

Halo the Series Episode 6: Solace – Easter Eggs, References, and Lore

Episode 6 of the Halo TV Series is here!

Ending music: “John-117” by Teknoaxe

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29 Replies to “Halo the Series Episode 6: Solace – Easter Eggs, References, and Lore”

  1. I love your breakdowns and easter eggs, I also love the small bits of information you put from various core canon! I wished they used the Halo theme when John and Makee saw the Halo ring, and I hoped it's installation 04. Also, I didn't know about the bible reference so that is quite interesting! Halsey manipulating her daughter was quite horrible, but I do hope she still has a shred of humanity over her desire to do good no matter the cost. Also, why can't the creators of the show reveal the halo ring in the SEVENTH episode?!

  2. This episode is a great 8/10 , I really like a lot that has happened in this episode , I like the dynamic between chief and halsey , I still like Kai's character , I like that the unsc didn't wave off makee and actually suspected her for being with the covenant , I love that they r actually doing something with halsey and miranda , unlike main canon , speaking of Miranda , I really like her character in this show , but the reveal of halo feels pretty underwhelming imo , but overall a great episode , but if they do a chief and makee romance in dropping my personal rating for the entire show for a 7/10 to a fking 2/10

  3. I would like to end masterchief and dr halsey quarrel about masterchief past. The bg story of masterchief is a common trope in films and tv series. So the plot should focus on more war related and keystone related.

  4. I’m happy that I wasn’t the only one who recognized the BB reference.

    Also I know this is a stretch and maybe too early to call but think that the scene when John and Makee are on the ring, was probably them entering The Domain. I also think that after seeing John and Makee on the ring, The moment they had was definitely a bit intimate. Makee may have the Geas of the Librarian. I wouldn’t be upset if that is the case depending on how it plays out.

  5. Makee knows she is on the clock due to Miranda cleaning up a transmission from the UNSC Corvette. A transmission sent after the attack killed everyone….

  6. I'm actually starting to love the show: The line from Fall of Reach, about one lie at any point in the Spartan Program turning the spartans against the UNSC was always such a powerful moment. It was how you knew, despite all of Halsey's evil, it was for the greater good. It was something the Spartans could and did believe in.

    Showing the cost of the lies is already a very interesting premise and I am loving it.

    I'd cut the first few episodes, though. Or condense them into 1 episode.

  7. The show is great i realy enjoy it but it bothers me a bit that they made chaercters diffrent to fit a role rather making a chaercter for that role and the first combat scene were gerneral has minigun does no damage to the elites but wenn chief pick it up it does damage it can be because the elite hasent any shields anymore but in the game they recharge but i cant realy say

  8. Great ep, as always! A few thoughts: 1) Silver timeline Spartans definitely have at least some history suppressing human rebellion b/c John's team killed Kwan's mother and associates. 2) Biblically, 3:16 is… John 3:16. The sacrifice referenced may be drawing a parallel between Makee and John specifically, between her and the Spartan children, etc. She's in such a high death risk structural position in this story, but I'm curious to see if they'll go that route with an actress so phenomenal at representing the Covenant via someone who isn't animatronic + CGI. If she dies, they can't reasonably get that back and preserve Blessed One rarity. 3) Re: Cortana, we do know she's restricted in one specific sense, which is that Halsey limited her control of John until the relic matter was resolved. As designed & administered, we were told she could completely overwrite/supplant his consciousness. But with the rapid cortical plasticity brought on by the relic interactions, who knows if that's still the case. 4) When John hits the wall, even though there doesn't appear to be damage, there is a crushing sound indicating the superhuman force. It was a classic "siege damage" sort of sound, but I assumed visual damage was nixed for being inadvertently humorous or undesirably giving the impression the cell wasn't reinforced enough to contain enhanced persons, which might be important if Makee has Prelate-like enhancements beyond her nail dagger.

  9. oh I was waiting for your review. I love the character building. although other than the Spartans my heart really goes out to Miranda Keyes.
    she now knows that both her parents are terrible human beings. complicit and kidnapping children experimenting on them. this episode felt very Game of Thrones to me because you had so many different factions backstabbing each other LOL. you had the council trying to throw the Admiral under the bus the Admiral and Captain Keyes through doctor Halsey under the bus. I may not have lost as much respect for those characters if they did it to preserve something they believe in but they were just saving their own asses. I'm glad Kai is going to be okay. this is probably my only criticism I really wish they would give Riz and Vannaka some character development and something to do. they've largely just been background. the MP who was guarding McKee's cell almost got as many lies has Riz and Vannak did this episode they are Spartans. but other than that I really love this episode

  10. Notice they haven't mentioned ONI once? They've mentioned Section 3, and threatened to shut it down (as if that could ever happen). But no mention of the ultra-powerful intelligence organization that could arguably be called one of Halo's greatest antagonists.

    And on that door, there was a great big, red "117" in the top-right corner.

  11. thought this was the best overall episode yet. Probably because the boring side plot wasn't in it, so next weeks episode will most likely be all about that. 🙁

  12. Thanks again for detailed references to core canon and not being overly biased, really helpful for someone with zero bg knowledge.
    I would’ve liked seeing John being stronger and more Spartan appearances too!
    I wonder if season 1 will go anywhere significant storyline wise for so few episodes… I really want more Spartan fight scenes🔥

  13. Halo try-hard fans need to accept this is a whole new thing, this show is not trying to please you, instead is building it's own personality and it's becoming such an amazing and beautiful syfy show. I'm all in!

  14. What I found interesting but minor in Ep. #6 is that MC touches Makee's face during the Halo vision. That may not be a big deal but it establishes that human touch between them and could make a difference of sorts. Hoping she'll become the future Covenant Arbiter. We'll see. But ya just gotta think the Flood is going to crash this party sooner or later. Also, 343 Guilty Spark…. That'll be fun to see. 2 episodes left. Oh , well guess I'll have to wait for them next season…

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