Halo the Series Episode 7: Inheritance – Easter Eggs, References, and Lore

Halo the Series Episode 7: Inheritance – Easter Eggs, References, and Lore

Time to discuss episode 7 of the TV series! We finally see some progress on Kwan’s story, told with some elements that may tie to the deep lore of core-canon!

Ending music: “John-117” by Teknoaxe

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23 Replies to “Halo the Series Episode 7: Inheritance – Easter Eggs, References, and Lore”

  1. This is completely unrelated to the life action TV show. but I have to ask in HALO.CA.A terminals it shows that spark new that the piler of Autumn was a human ship why didn't spark defend it from the covenant?

  2. Great episode , the plot thickens for sure and the producers are spicing things up, really enjoying the journey they are portraying

  3. The only thing Im trying to understand is the whole "fire to water" thing.
    Lot of the whiners are saying its "straight up magic", but Im not so sure. My guess is its a bit of slight of hand on the part of the mystic, with the liquid she was holding being filled with enough deutritium to catch fire, but going out as soon as she turned her hand over and snuffed the flame out.

    It is nice to see Chief's AR become almost a…set piece, if you will. Ive always felt the weapon he weilded should be more unique than just "an assault rifle", in the same way Kelly got Oathsworn and Linda Nornfang in the Halo 5 era. Fred, I figure, has his knives as his signature weapon. Kwan having Chief's AR works.

  4. Thanks for these breakdowns! Though I have played all the games and read quite a few Halo books, when my non-Halo playing wife asked me who the white-haired women were, I could only shrug and say "Dunno." We watched your video together and now I get it and will now peruse my brand-new Halo encyclopedia for more and possibly read the Gregg Bear Forerunner books. Thanks much!

  5. I was also skeptical about this episode but ended up loving it. The Silver cannon is being fleshed out in in slow burn but it is still compelling for all that. I also really liked Chief being the guide in Kwan’s visions.
    Edit: fixed her name.

  6. Oooo ooo actually one of Vinsher’s guns looked like a modified yet recognizable SMG from I wanna say Halo 5. But with more stuff on it

  7. This why I recommend peoples checking out Halo Canon. People's just trashing and picking the smallest things. When they don't understand Halo background Lore. They just think shooting is all Halo about when there's a big universe out there .

  8. This one might be a stretch but at one point, Kwan Ha mentioned "Never Surrender" which, you know, it was a song in the Halo 2 Album and then an Easter Egg in Halo Reach. Again, might just be a stretch lmao.

  9. The writing is just poor. Why didn't Soren tell Squirrel that they were all refugees and pirates with pasts and bounties on their heads. They don't rat out and sell their own for money, Kwan was safe an he didn't pocket any money.

  10. Thanks for making videos like this man, videos that are actually informative and thoughtful instead of just hate ranting for the sake of algorithm like how most people are doing these days

  11. This episode was ass. Kwan is such a boring character. Hopefully the covenant will just glass madrigal that way we’ll be done with it and we can finally move on

  12. I know there's a lot of support in the comments for the episode here but I honestly struggled to be interested enough to watch the full thing.

  13. Chief was in this episode for probably 2 minutes and they still managed to have him out of Armour and without a helmet for part of it

  14. Im now interested to see what secrets hide madrigal and how ti will eventually tie back to the main story, the "you will see him again" his first descendant say to her about John sets up a perfect moment for Kwan giving John back his rifle.

    On a side note, i was thinking that it be interesthing to see an adaptation of Kwan story in the main canon, maybe as a book covering something with a lower scope as the series i hinting at, replacing maybe John with Randall 037

    but keeping Soren, Vinsher, the witches of the sand but instead of a portal maybe something in smaller scope like just some artifact.

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