Halo: TV Series – Angry Review Episode 6

Halo: TV Series – Angry Review Episode 6

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AngryJoe, OtherJoe & Alex Review Episode 6 of Halo!

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31 Replies to “Halo: TV Series – Angry Review Episode 6”

  1. Last time I decided to save watching the review until later only to miss out when CBS blocked it. Not this time, take my view and take my like…then take it again when this gets blocked and you reupload.

  2. Yea that Halo reveal was so underwhelming. Hopefully we get a better reveal of its actual position in space. I'll even take a UNSC ship being pulled out of slip space, if it's theoretically possible lol.

  3. End of the episode shoula been panning over John, showing halo arcing into the sky with the slow “dun, da-dun, dun dun” and just snap to black. Their reveal fell soooo flat.

  4. Even though I completely despise the Kwan arc, I kinda feel bad for the actress that got rolled for the role as it's not really her fault the character was so poorly made.

  5. Next episode Kwan finds a family photo album and they take us through each photo and flashback to the memory. Soren will be dressed up as a different character in each memory just for the kicks.

  6. Not sure why Halo fans want every Halo adaption to be the same damn thing every time?
    Let each director do their own visions without the lame entitlements.
    Playing videogames & complaining is what gamers really only do anymore. It’s embarrasing 😂

    Sitting all day demanding everything to be your way lolol, just stop. Let others enjoy things.

  7. The HALO show –
    1- Chief touches the artifact
    2- Chief is emotional
    3- Chief touches the artifact
    4- Chief awkwardly mops around in advanced super soldier gear
    5- The covenant is dumb and barely a threat
    6- Chief touches the artifact

    This episode is just as poop as the others. You can't polish a turd. You can't build a mansion on a foundation of shrubbery. They said, "existential threat" a couple of times in this episode, and all I could think was – what existential threat? We haven't seen a planet get glassed or any real threat to humanity. This ep may be better than the earlier ones but that ain't saying much. And I gotta add, that old lady that plays the head UNSC bitch in charge isn't it. No intensity or intimidation from her. She looks like she's barely keeping it together. The casting is another blunder of this show. Who would take orders from baby commander keys? Nothing commanding about her at all. EXISTENTIAL THREAT!! yet they all have time to sit around and dramatize this garbage. P.S, what's with the nudity? Why? I genuinely want to know. It's indicative of how much these folks have lost the plot.

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