Headliners: Gay football fan plans to travel to 2022 World Cup in Qatar

Headliners: Gay football fan plans to travel to 2022 World Cup in Qatar

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29 Replies to “Headliners: Gay football fan plans to travel to 2022 World Cup in Qatar”

  1. In the meantime, multimillion footballers will be taking the knee against racism and Beckham waiting for his £200 million cheque to clear while the slaves who built the stadium are left to rot in mass graves and the gay fans are worrying about being thrown off rooftops

  2. I am gay, I don’t have a partner so i’ll be going with my brother and my dad but I can’t change where the World Cup is. I’m 18 this year and this’ll be my first World Cup, I will abide by Qatar’s law but if FIFA r as liberal and anti discrimination as they say they r, they would’ve given the world cup to the USA

  3. other countries and cultures have different laws simple ,no one can try and impose there ideas on a other country or culture ,its crazy ,no one would demand a bacon sarny or a pork chop there or booze brewed from grain or hops,and shout about it when you go there ,

  4. So long as he's not wearing a rainbow shirt and kissing dudes on the street, it's not gonna matter. His sexuality won't be known unless he makes a point of announcing it.

  5. Oh I'm sure this snowflake will have a great time…but don't be surprised if you never hear of him.
    You will see no kneeling and banners with George Fentanyl…and certainly no rainbow climbim (0;.

  6. Awww, Cmon' people you're not seeing the bigger picture are you? After the World Cup, Qatar are going to have some wonderful stadiums in which to stone women to death…

  7. Go ahead if want to see why having no borders is bad go to Qatar and see how accepting other cultures are. You think homophobia is mean tweets wait till you see Qatar

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