How did I learn Korean??🇰🇷 || free resources + tips

How did I learn Korean??🇰🇷 || free resources + tips

Grab your notebooks everyone ’cause finally I am answering the most asked question.
A lot of people have been asking me this question again and again so here you go!

Intro: 00:00
Story time: 00:28
Youtube: 01:46
Websites: 06:13
Apps: 06:55
Podcast: 10:29
Drama: 11:20
Variety Shows: 12:18
Vlive: 13:18
Korean Songs: 13:29
Webtoons: 14:01

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Sorry for the low quality, I tried a new editing software and it ruined the quality🥲 and also sorry for the aircon noise🥲

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22 Replies to “How did I learn Korean??🇰🇷 || free resources + tips”

  1. You really speak Korean like a native speaker! I also recommend to watch Jessy! I loooooove Jessy! And 영국남자. 🙂 Yay!

  2. I’m honestly just learning because my grandmother (not biological) is Japanese and Korean and of course is fluent in both languages. Since she has such a heavy accent when speaking g English, I devoted my time to learn her mother tongue. But Japanese was such a struggle for me, I started studying Korean last year.

    So far all I can do is read and write exceptionally. But speaking a listening is a bit harder for me to do. I ended up taking a break as I was losing motivation and faith. When I saw your videos, I got inspired as you were speaking very well. I hope I can continue studying and learning so I can speak to her better!

  3. All these time I thought you only speak Tagalog and English but I'm shock after I heard " Basta kamo nay sabot" kabalo man diay ka mag bisaya daii 😭

  4. I'm currently in 7th grade and I know like basic words that most people who love the Asian culture does. Like "Hello, I love you, what do I do, No, Yes, Thank you" but other than that not really. This video helped me a lot so thank you <3

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