How I learn and study Kanji | Tips for studying Japanese 📚

How I learn and study Kanji | Tips for studying Japanese 📚

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I’ve been getting a lot of requests about Kanji so here it is. Please note that I won’t be able to teach Kanji themselves because I believe we have our own study style. But I do hope this gives you an idea on how I study and deal with them. 🤗

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▫️ c o n t e n t ▫️
1) Skillshare Ad 0:52
2) Determine your goal 2:16
3) Use apps 3:44
4) Make flashcards 8:47
5) Practice writing 11:51
6) Immersion 13:25

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32 Replies to “How I learn and study Kanji | Tips for studying Japanese 📚”

  1. even though you're filipino you're Eng pronunciation is so good and your study vlogs are so inspire to me I'm still a begineer but one day i want to be like you too. Thanking for sharing your study tips Mori san <33

  2. So far I've only been learning Kanji with Wanikani. Which is an amazing resource no doubt but I notice that I miss the writing practice for memorization. I just really struggle to get myself to write Kanji down 😅

  3. hello mori. i also have an apple pencil and shirabe jisho. but i wonder how to use the apple pencil while using shirabe jisho? at 4:17 you wrote a kanji while the shirabe jisho was open. i couldnt find that option in shirabe jisho. thanks in advance 🙂

  4. I have just started learning Japanese and I haven't even made it past Kana. With the help of your inspiring videos though, I hope to reach fluency one day! Your videos push me to keep trying no matter how hard it may be! Thank you! <3

  5. My brother studied languages at the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center in California. The pace of study was intense. Students had to master the language course in 36-64 weeks. Psychologically it was very difficult, but fortunately he was helped by Yuriy Ivantsiv's book "Polyglot Notes. Practical tips for learning foreign languages”. The book " Polyglot Notes" became a desk book for my brother, because it has answers to all the problems that any student of a foreign language has to face. Thanks to the author of the channel for this interesting video! Good luck to everyone who studies a foreign language and wants to realize their full potential!

  6. I stated studying japanese to read manga and light novel…. Because English translation sometimes doesn't carry the real feeling the author wants to share

  7. I stared studying Japanese language because I'm bored, now I'm getting hooked to it… My goal atm is to finish the N5 stage. It's kinda a info overload when looking at kanji, sometimes It doest make sense to me how those radical form that word . (I roughly know 45 kanji, I think there's over a 100 of those in N5)

    Thank you for the tips!
    Have fun studying everyone

  8. Good tips! I'm trying to learn Kanji myself actually and these tips really help me!

  9. I am currently studying Japanese to easily read mangas and watch anime but I haven't made any real progress yet. Just know some basic Japanese words.

  10. Can you teach us the order in how to learn Japanese? What to start with and what you should end with to be fluent or at least be able to live there and be okay?

  11. Kanji is not japanese it's all in Chinese language I think in the past japanese used Chinese language too like Korean used it before making Korean language

  12. Not gonna lie, this video is so enjoyable and kindly encourage me to deeply learn kanji!
    Thankyou very much for the app suggestion Mori san!
    ありがとうございます 🙏

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