How Mikel Arteta Will Evolve Arsenal

How Mikel Arteta Will Evolve Arsenal

Mikel Arteta’s new three-year deal means that his Arsenal project will continue, but how do we see it looking at the end of his reign?

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40 Replies to “How Mikel Arteta Will Evolve Arsenal”

  1. I think what arteta has been doing off the field is one of the most impressive things, not all rival fans see that. so that why he still undeservedly gets alot of stick.

  2. Uni for me was a greeat coach not manager. He did the best with what he had(and we got worse) while Arteta rebuilt completely.

  3. summer business for arsenal which I think is realistic
    Forwards – Toney 30M, Jesus 30M
    Midfielders – Bissouma 40M
    Defenders – Aaron Hickey 10M

    Current loan players to incorporate

    Saliba, Nelson (winger rotation), Bellerin (wingback rotation), AMN (midfield/wingback coverage)

    Nketiah contract, Lock in Saka ESR Martinelli Long term

  4. The difference with arteta and emery is the fact the players believe in the method and the Philosophy Arteta wants to put into the club the fact of the financial side of him the fact that he’s trying to rebuild the culture of the club I feel like that’s more than what Emily did although that okay it’s been two years into his rein is a bit premature but the fact he said he id empowering this and more elements. I want to reach top 4 to be competitive on any level to make the emirates a fortress which is something we are achieving unless fans of other clubs think otherwise

  5. Keep up the great work my dude. Your analyses really provoke a lot of thought and I love that.
    More, please!
    And don't worry about affording a background your thoughts are more substantial to us than all that fluff.
    Just stay yourself and don't change because the people love it. Happy Friday.

  6. I think you know this already but I would say 40 percent of your subs are arsenal fans we love your takes

  7. I’m fully behind the manager but contracts mean nothing these days cos if we start next season with 5 losses in a row he’ll be sacked but I do believe in him and think he is the right guy

  8. I am not sure whether Arsenals resting place is just top 4 as you say Lawrence, if Arteta does not challenge in due time, he will be kicked out of the club. Arsenal aren't a small club simply happy with 4th remember that's why there was discontent against Wenger. I'm sure the plan is that he should be challenging for the league title by 2023-2024, I'm sure he has the tools for that

  9. Can I just say you are a really great orator. You make people want to listen to you, which not all can do. You should definitely feature on channels like AFTV and say all of what you’re saying, they need someone like you!

  10. Always surprised at Rory’s perception of where Arsenal are/could be going. Always very realistic and unbiased. I appreciate that

  11. You don't need flash backgrounds Laurence. You're flying, but please keep flying solo. No distractions just excellent content and analysis. Cheers from Brazil 🇧🇷

  12. I think we will go up a massive level in the summer,we’ve pretty much played with 10 men all season because our strikers are horrible and there is also the fact our squad is so small but that will be sorted because we have a lot of good players out on loan

  13. Reason why I watch your Arsenal videos over Rory’s won’t lie. It’s nice to watch a video on Arsenal aside from positive or negative bias. Good stuff

  14. on arsenal’s youtube, the video of artetas first day showed everything. he wanted drones, better training ground equipment, a team which is united and everyone loved him back. i think his passion and determination to be better has reflected on the club as a whole

  15. Think the late Wenger days took their toll on the club and a lot of our fans are slowly having toxic energy drained from them, the problems he’s had to face are very straightforward and holes in the team were obvious but people like to be reactionary nowadays

    Hopefully we get a decent striker next year

    Top Content 👍🏾

  16. If Arteta is successful, I genuinely don’t think he will leave for a ‘bigger’ job like man city. You can tell the love he has specifically for this club, and I don’t think he will abandon his hard on this project. I can see him managing arsenal for a long tenure and building a legacy similar to Wenger.

  17. Set or not, the substance of these videos is in the top 1% of football youtube right now. Thank you for these videos, you put a point across brilliantly

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