How to Buy a Digital Movie from Amazon Prime Video

How to Buy a Digital Movie from Amazon Prime Video

This video shows you how to buy a digital movie on Amazon Prime Video.

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Video Transcript:
Amazon Prime Video isn’t just a great streaming video service for Amazon Prime customers, you can also buy digital movies for your own personal library. Any Amazon Prime Video digital movies you purchase can be accessed through the Amazon Prime Video service on the web, and apps available for iOS, Android, Roku, Xbox, Playstation, and more.

In this video, I’ll show you how to purchase an Amazon Prime Video digital movie through the Amazon website.

Step 1. Open your web browser, navigate to, and then log in to your account. You’ll arrive at your Amazon home screen.

Step 2. Use the search bar to locate the digital movie you want to buy on Amazon Prime Video. In this example, I’ll search for Tomb Raider. You can identify the Amazon Prime Video version of the movie because it will say Prime Video directly beneath the title.

Step 3. Click the Amazon Prime Video digital movie you want to buy after finding it in the search results. An information screen associated with your chosen movie will appear. Additionally, you’ll see rental and purchase options underneath of the movie description.

Step 4. Click “More Purchase Options” to make sure you see all of your Amazon Prime Video buying options. A window appears that displays all of the options for purchasing the movie. These will typically be HD (for high definition) and SD (for standard definition).

Step 5. Click to select the option you want to purchase. A Resolution Support warning dialog box appears, informing you that this video requires your device to support the displayed resolution and HDCP copy protection. Click “Continue” in this window to move forward. That window will disappear and you’ll be returned to the information screen for the movie. You’ll now see an information icon beneath the description, informing you that you now own this movie. Additionally, you’ll see a Watch Now button that you can click to watch your recently purchased movie.

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