How to Change Your Life in 3 Weeks [ by 2022 ]

How to Change Your Life in 3 Weeks [ by 2022 ]

Ready to change your life before 2022? Then you’ve come to the right chat.
Let’s outline the basics, get real about the plans, and start now instead of waiting for the new year ☕️

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Coffee Talk Chapters ☕️
00:00 – Welcome, Topic of the Day
01:12 – Questions to Start With
03:16 – Establish a New Routine
04:54 – The What, When, How & Why
08:56 – Set Up a System for Success
12:04 – If you only remember one thing from today..
12:45 – Outro

Stay Koze ❤
Disclaimer: I am not a mental health specialist, just a Canadian gal with an old soul who likes to crack the ice on deep conversations that can foster personal growth and positive change.
❤ This Coffee Talk is not sponsored, no links are affiliate ❤

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