How to choose a language to learn | Polyglot advice

How to choose a language to learn | Polyglot advice

Answering one of your most common questions: how do you choose a language to learn? Here are some questions you can ask yourself to make the decision process easier.

여러분들이 자주 묻는 질문을 대답하도록 하겠습니다! 외국어를 좋아하는 사람은 이렇게 많은 외국어중에 어떻게 하나를 선택할 수 있을까…고민하시면! 제 조언을 드릴게욤!

Or if you prefer to read this in a blog format, here’s an accompanying post I wrote: (영상보기 귀찮으시면 이거 읽어 보셔더 되구여)

00:00 Introduction
00:34 It’s a personal journey
01:18 Which do you already speak?
02:04 Passion
02:42 Which language makes you excited?
03:33 Can you see a future with it?
04:50 Available resources & native speakers
06:00 End


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Welcome to my channel! My name is Lindie and I share my love for languages through my polyglot progress and language learning tips here. South African by birth, I spent most of my life in France, Pakistan, the UAE and Japan. Now I work as a UI/UX designer in Singapore. I’m a Christian and strive to shine God’s light in all I do. May this channel inspire you to reach your language goals!

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43 Replies to “How to choose a language to learn | Polyglot advice”

  1. Languages I already know:🇬🇧🇦🇪
    Languages I am learning:🇩🇪🇫🇷
    Languages I want to learn:🇷🇺🇪🇸🇧🇷

  2. I've decided that I want to learn Spanish from today on! It was quite hard to choose, but I think it's a useful and fun language to learn. I'm going on vacation to Spain this summer and think it's a good language learning experience

    I went to Poland and I've Polish friends, but the language is so hard to learn and it's not that universally spoken. I'm fluent in Dutch and English so the language is much different than what I'm used to. Same applies to Japanese. I like the country, sometimes listen to japanese music and watch anime, but it's so complicated that I would struggle and lack disipline. I've had French in high school, but decided to pause learning it for now so Spanish it is. Rly hope I'll be able to hold conversations this summer 🙂

  3. I am american and learned a bit of Spanish in school so I decided to learn French because of the shared vocabulary with English and with the bit of Spanish I know, because it is an important world language, and because I can use it as a stepping stone into more understanding of Spanish. My goal is to be learning Spanish in French and in English so I have a better understanding of all 3 of those languages. I came to this decision at the WW1 museum in KC while reading some french in an exhibit and understanding much more of it than I expected

  4. I'm watching this because I'm going into high school next year and I don't know if they have teachers for different languages. I don't think they do, I think you can learn a different language and you get credit but you have to learn it yourself. Anyway, my mom wants me to learn Spanish because of the uses it can have. Especially because I am in a more southern state in America. But I want to learn German or Korean. I don't know which one to choose because neither have use currently but they are both fun to learn.
    Btw, I like Korean food so Korean would be useful. Maybe. But words are fun to say in German. Like Krankenhaus (hospital) or Schmetterling (butterfly).

  5. Languages I know 🇮🇹 🇬🇧
    Languages I love 🇩🇪 🇳🇱 🇸🇪 🇵🇹 🇪🇬
    Languages I want to learn for work and practical reasons: 🇪🇸 🇫🇷

  6. Hi, i like your channel, i speak English, German, italian, Portuguese and Japanese, also a little french, and i want to learn koreanㅔㄱㅅ,mandarin 普通话 and arabic الغربية, greetings from Guatemala!🤩🤩😍🥰

  7. i want to learn korean for so many reasons but i am so unmotivated.
    it is so intimidating to learn. it is also in a different alphabet which makes it hard. i want to learn Japanese but it is also intimidating because i heard it has 3 alphabets so i am scared. help me!!!

  8. I decided to learn Maltese. I wanted to speak with my great grandmother in her native language before it would be too late. Was so hard since barely anyone speaks the language but it really made my great grandmothers day when I visited next.

  9. French, Swedish, and recently Korean are the ones I love! I used to only be interested in European languages until this new girl at my school knew Korean and offered to teach me. I already know English and I'm learning Spanish at school but Spanish never interested me even though my parents went to Guatemala multiple times for missions. Ever since I was little, I've loved France, England, and Sweden but obviously, I already know English so that ruled out England. And I never even remotely thought about learning an Asian language. It's not like I hated the countries or the people, the languages just weren't calling me. Until I had the opportunity to learn Korean and immediately became more fascinated. I still like European languages more and I'm not too invested in Korean shows or songs but I'm getting there slowly but surely. I'm excited to see what doors God will open through this experience and hopefully I can become more open minded about other languages. I still love French and Swedish and I really want to study abroad in both countries but I'm slowly working towards Korean as well. Only God knows what will happen!

  10. I'm confused between two languages i.e Korean and Japanese, I'm just really interested in both and can't decide which language to choose. Maybe I should just go for a third language lol, any suggestions?

  11. I really want to learn japanese next but there is so many resources that i don't know where to look first or where to start

  12. Im from indonesia
    I decided to learn japanese rather than spanish.

    Main goal to learn japanese isn't really to watch anime but im interested about its culture and find it beautiful language.

    No offense, eventhough spanish is much easier and spoken much more, i'm not really interested in its culture or language.

    To sum it up, passion is more important than how much its used or if its easier

  13. I don’t know if I should pick French, Norwegian, German or Swedish. I already know Portuguese, English and a little bit of Spanish

  14. My perception of languages largely depends on my mood. There are a few European languages (German, French, Italian) that make me fell like 'Oh, it sounds so grate, I want to be able to speak that too!'. But trying to stady any of them sooner or later I lost my temper due to the lack of motivation. That's what makes me unable to choose between them. They all sound the same cool to me. And concerning all of them I don't see any opportunities to use in my life. Only passion is not enough. Among the foreign native speakers in my surrounding there are Japanese and Korean. But I don't feel passionate for these languages. So what should I choose? Help me please.

  15. I was hoping you could show some short examples of Hungarian and Vietnamese when you claimed they were the most beautiful languages. Other than that, thanks for the insights!

  16. I'm so surprised ! it's like you were talking to me directly, I started learning italian just because it's similar to french as you said but The language I really want to learn is Japanese, Thanks you so much for this video !

  17. To be honest, I always wanted to learn Icelantic somehow, even tho I know, it probably won't be useful for me, but I really wanna learn it. I am so unsure, if I should do so now.

  18. Well, I am a German native and I speak English fluently, learn Spanish in school and had Latin for three years, but I didn't like it somehow

  19. I just want to learn a language that i can pronounce properly. I tried to learn french but i couldn't get the pronunciations right ☠

  20. I’m really really unsure about which language should I learn first. I’m between German, Russian, Korean or Chinese… I’m passionate about how Russian sounds, it’s so strong and beautiful as German is as well! Korean I feel it is spoken freely and so passionate… And Chinese is just because I have some friends in Taiwan and China and would be nice to speak in their native language!
    This is driving me crazy hahahaha
    One of my goals for 2022 is to learn a new language and I’m so determined to accomplish that. I just need to decide.

  21. a few languages i want to learn are french, german, and japanese. although i want to learn a lot of languages. i only know english. i’m having trouble deciding which language to learn first. i do plan to spend a lot of time in canada where french is a nation language so maybe that would be a good idea but the all three are so interesting to me. but at the same time i want to learn so many different languages but the sheer amount to choose from and the large time commitment is overwhelming. i only speak one language but i dream of knowing 10 or however many which seems very unrealistic.

  22. hiii i have a problem… i wanted to learn danish but the way norwegian is written and spoken cautivated me and now i'm learning norwegian… the thing is… i feel weird… i feel as if i should be doing danish rather than norwegian… also i had found youtubers etc in danish that i liked… thing that is quiet difficult to find in norwegian… idk if i connect 100% with the culture in norway also i don't know if i connect with the culture of danmark 100%… i don't like this sentiment as if i should be doing other language and i think about it and has no sense because norwegian and danish for me are so similar and if i learn norwegian and i will be helping myself with danish indirectly because is so similar XD and yeah idk what do you think about it? it's kind of extressfull because i already made my dad photocopy a short stories in norwegian and it's fun i didn't tell dad about my situation because idk i feel ashamed i always knew which language to study

  23. I am in the favour of single language bcoz whenever you visit to another you find it difficult to express your thoughts and ideas

  24. 😆. Finnish and Korean are on my list! I'm Finnish and my SIL Korean. Took French in high school, son-in-law is from Mexico. My nephew speaks Japanese, Arabic, and Latin. His wife is Vietnamese. And that's just a few. Enjoy your choice of language!

  25. Actually, my struggle is more of confusion because it’s so defeating when I learn arabic and then I find out there are so many different arabic dialects and I go all over the place and struggle to find resources. At least hindi is understood and spoken by all indians as a second language

  26. Learn a language which you really want to learn, start with something simple and spend time to practice it with native speaker if possible. You will master it one day.

  27. I speak english and spanish, yet I'm jumping to korean as I've been watching a Korean series I love sm. But my ambition to learn it has been helpful. Years back I was learning italian as it was closer to spanish and it wasnt as fun as I'm enjoying korean now

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