How To Find And Download Movie Clips

How To Find And Download Movie Clips


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Here’s ANOTHER way to get movie clips:

How To Find And Download Movie Clips

Ever wanted to put a movie clip in your YouTube videos? Where do you find the clips? How do you download the movie clip? In this video, I’ll show you what I do to find and download movie clips for use in my youtube videos and give some tips to make sure they acutally enhance your videos.

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24 Replies to “How To Find And Download Movie Clips”

  1. I once ran a poll on a website asking for best movie quotes. I got a couple hundred or so responses and found something very interesting. A little over half the responses were from Princess Bride.

  2. Newbie here….I’m trying to use a video clip (Star Wars trash compactor scene) for a TikTok to visually demonstrate a situation… I’ve downloaded it to my iPhone but it doesn’t download to my photo album which is how I upload to TikTok. Any ideas and help is appreciated 👍

  3. Thanks what I did before was I saved videos from TikTok I cut the video and put in the piece that I wanted for my edit but when I posted my edit in TikTok it said That it was copyrighting and since then I hated TikTok

  4. Trevor I appreciate what you're doing but as a music producer and scorer PLEASE at least attempt to match the volume of your talking head to that of your clips. You lose all credibility by not paying attention to this. Thanks.

  5. Can you do this on your phone or an iPad? Cause I’ve noticed some video editing apps won’t work unless it’s on a computer or lap top and honestly I’m angry at my laptop cause I spent almost 1,000 on it and it works like shit

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