How to outsmart the FBI – Catch me if you can

How to outsmart the FBI – Catch me if you can

A faultless scene from the Steven Spielberg’s film: ‘Catch me if you can’, clearly a great interpretation by Tom Hanks and Leonardo DiCaprio.
Frank Abagnale (Leonardo DiCaprio) was a former confidence trickster, check forger, and impostor pursued by the FBI agent: Carl Hanratty (Tom Hanks). Abagnale successfully conned millions of dollars’ worth of checks as a Pan Am pilot, doctor, and Louisiana parish prosecutor.
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  1. Ferdinand Waldo Demara was another absolute madlad of an imposter.
    Took the identity of Joseph C. Cyr as a trauma surgeon in the Canadian Navy.
    Then the Korean war started, and the guy who didn't really know anything about surgery.
    So when sixteen soldiers needed lifesaving surgery, he speed-read some medical journals on surgeries, while the rest of the medical personell prep the patients.
    Non of the patients died!

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  4. I really did love how Carl was kind of his friend throughout the movie. When frank didn't get to see his father much and his mother never, Carl talked to him every christmas. Also how when he finally got arrested Carl said to frank that he would end up in the U.S governments hands. stating he shouldn't worry ect. And in the scene right before that they were right next to each other talking about Carl's daughter and trust.

  5. Gives him his wallet, but changes the subject as he tries to open it. Talks to Murph about "LAPD" which would confuse him, so he instantly moves back inside to divert Hanratty's attention. Love it.

  6. I really enjoy this movie, but I dislike the peeling labels thing, unless it's true to the real story. It seems like such a plot device of too easy of a way to identify a character "labels have been ripped off here; he must've been here!" an entire wallet of absolutely nothing but labels.

  7. Only if he'd taken back the wallet casually then this guy would have had no idea at least for a good couple of hours or maybe days before he checked.

  8. What's funny is this scene never happened. It's the culmination of two separate events. Frank did stay at a hotel like the one you see. It was there he started creating his Doctor persona. The second half didn't involve Carl personally and happened after Frank had already been busted. He managed to con his way out of prison, held himself up in a motel, was about to be arrested, and escaped acting as another member of the FBI. He asked the feds if Carl was at the motel and convinced the officers that he was working under him. Since Carl made it a point to personally arrest Frank, no one thought twice about the con until Carl showed up and Frank had already fled.

  9. You can see the wheels turning in Carl's head after he mutters "Secret service": Wait. If LAPD is on the way, why is he bagging evidence himself? If that's his partner, why did they come in separate cars. What rank is this guy anywa- SONOVABITCH

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