How To Start Coding In 2021 | Learn How To Code On Your Own

How To Start Coding In 2021 | Learn How To Code On Your Own

How to Start Coding in 2021 | Learn How To Code On Your Own. In this video, I am sharing with you some of the best resources out there to start learning how to code. There are so many different paths you can take now to learn how to code and also become a Software Developer.

Check out these free coding resources:
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  1. Thank you very much for your huge support really appreciate that 💕💕💕. Please let me know in the comments what subjects do you want in the future on the channel and I may pick one of your suggestions.👄👄👄

  2. I want to learn how to code because I want to make my own personal website like a journal then when I look back at it, I want to read it.

    Is this a good reason?

  3. Kindly allow me to provide a useful summary of this video:

    ~How to Start Coding in 2021~

    "Start talking to a rubber ducky"

    Thank you for your attention, that'll be all 😉



  4. PRO TIP: If you're in college and comp sci is your major, DONT cheat on your tests and assignments and work sincerely on them. You'll be on the top 20 % if you do that. Otherwise you'll end up like me, with a degree and no real skills. Lesson learnt, never too late to learn. I'm relearning everything now.

  5. Hi i got a question just in general… so i started cosing like a few months ago and i think im on a great track to actually get a job and start a career but some of my male “friends” told me that if i wanna get a job in programming i should change my appearance and not be too girly. I have acrylic nails ( reasonable length and its actually comfortable to type ) and i do my make up and i like to play around with the way i look cause i have a creative side i dont wanna lose but every man i know tells me that i shouldnt show too much interest for this side of me and be more simple otherwise nobody will take me seriously and i wanted to ask do you or anyone really think i need to change that side of me just to get a job in programming? i dont think that one affects the other but others say it dies so ehat do you think? any advice?

  6. I heard that there is a lot of ageism in the tech field, so I was wondering is 23 to old to learn to code and go back to school for a cs degree? Also what happens when you age out of the it field do you become a professor or build your own tech company?

  7. Why so many questions.. I wanted to know how to code instead the video is full of useless info, this video just put me off. Maybe change the title to quiz show about motivation 4 coding!! Start the video with example of coding Not boring questions

  8. I see most videos start with why do you want to code …..I want to learn it because it interests me, not for a career change, raise or anything. I know nothing about coding but for some reason I'm just interested in it. So what path do I take. Because yes it is overwhelming for sure

  9. Very helpful video, thanks, I really wanna learn to code but I feel a bit lost because I don't know how to start learning and I end up not learning anything and getting frustrated

  10. Great content! Do you edit your own videos and what stock footage site do you use? I was just amazed at the quality of your videos, and I was wondering to myself "she can totally afford a video editor".

  11. I wanna make a website for myself lol. That's why I started to learn HTML. But since I have learning disabilities I don't understand CSS. HTML is kind of easy but not CSS.

  12. Thanks ❤and the last part to teach others is a good idea, and I do same I talk to myself about coding what I learned while on the way to shopping or when I am alone 😁

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