"I can't speak, I'd be suspended" 😳 | Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta reacts to NLD defeat

"I can't speak, I'd be suspended" 😳 | Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta reacts to NLD defeat

Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta gave a spikey post-match interview after his side lost 3-0 to bitter rivals Tottenham and gave up ground on the race for the top four.

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43 Replies to “"I can't speak, I'd be suspended" 😳 | Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta reacts to NLD defeat”

  1. Only real complaint for me was the foul on Saka that was given for Tottenham and resulted in the second goal. The penalty was soft, but I would have given a foul for that at midfield, so you should give a foul for it in the box.
    It was Holding that ruined the game. Not the ref's fault he insisted on being sent off.

  2. These interviews are so annoying.
    Constantly asking stupid questions when they already know the answer 🤨🙄 FFS. No wonder why nobody what’s to do these damn interviews! SMH

  3. he has to go how could you be proud of that performance can't defend holdings behaviour disgusting performance from arsenal was like the players didnt know it was the nld.

  4. I prefer not to speak but I can only say – Arsenal is crap, they can't beat big teams. Not a deserving team for the top 4 to be honest.

  5. I'm a boro fan and the ref completely destroyed the game couldn't wait to book anyone in a red shirt and let identical fould slide for Spurs all night

  6. He doesn't lie unless it's about COVID cases in his squad. Too bad ya postponed this match, woulda been much closer in 2021. Oh well cry baby cry

  7. I worked with pep few years ago and stole all his characteristics but with zero skill so now I’ll throw in a bit of Jose to mix it up. It was a red never mind 2 yellows 2nd could of been straight red.

  8. Arsenal fans have developed such a victim mentality that they no longer seem to hold their players responsible for a poor performance. Not a word said about how they lost their heads after the first 20 minutes and nothing about the poor use of substitutions which conceded the game before the half-time whistle. Instead they just talk about Holding, who committed four card-worthy fouls, and the penalty which wouldn't have happened of Cedric didn't launch himself at Son without even trying to make it look like he was going for the ball.

  9. He probably knows Holding deserved to be sent off, but he's deflecting pressure from his players by blaming the ref for the loss. It's a common tactic.

  10. hillarious if arsenal blagged their way out of games earlier in the season only to actually have to play with no defenders in the season diciding games

  11. Artetta spot on. Ref and prem continue to be jokes. NEVER A PENALTY IN A MILLION YEARS. But in prem is one week not the next. Never a pen for me. Game is rigged kids and you ALL know it. What's sets up more of a drama for prem and final games on season. Paul Tierney was Spuds best player by far. Gave a manure non pen, sent opposition player off. MOTM performance. Absolute disgrace

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