I Find a Lush Cave in Minecraft 1.18 – Let's Play Survival #2

I Find a Lush Cave in Minecraft 1.18 – Let's Play Survival #2

Episode 2 of GeminiTay’s Survival lets play! Today we go caving to find diamonds in the new 1.18 cave biomes. We discover a dripstone cave and lush cave right away, with many diamonds in sight. After, I setup a starter enchant area, and build a storage room!

SEED: Geminitayisgood OR 809371870
If it doesn’t work, you didn’t type it in right. It has worked for thousands of people on both versions! I promise!

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Recorded with OBS
Minecraft version 1.18

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32 Replies to “I Find a Lush Cave in Minecraft 1.18 – Let's Play Survival #2”

  1. there beautiful! I know that because exact thing happen me today I was just looking for a nice spot to build my home in minecraft when I found a big hole in the ground and who doesn't like big and dangerous holes so yea like any normal person I went to look inside and i saw thing beautiful cave!

  2. Hi gem! I don't know if you'll see this but I have an idea, what if, you build a aquarium in your storage room stone wall. And maybe in the lush cave, if you decide to live there, you can build tacks that goes around everywhere like a railway for minecarts or just a wonky pathway made from spruce!
    I love the vids 🙂

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