I FIXED ARSENAL cuz they lost 3-0🤣

I FIXED ARSENAL cuz they lost 3-0🤣

Arsenal lost 3-0 to Spurs and that means they could miss out on Champions League next season!

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45 Replies to “I FIXED ARSENAL cuz they lost 3-0🤣”

  1. Sid, Please fix Norwich or Hibernian the reasons why is :
    • Hibernian has not won the Scottish prem since the 1960s or 50s
    • Norwich got relegated

  2. Hi S2G! Can you do Eint Frankfurt career mode? They doing well in Europa League but can you make them a Bundesliga and Champions League heavy weight! Would be fun and the fans are awsome! Greetings from Sweden🇸🇪

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  4. Why did you want to sell Mohamed Elneny he is now actually a starting 11 player and player very well but he is only 76 rated in Fifa but real life he is way better

  5. Me before I come to Youtube on Fridays: I can't wait to watch S2g's career mode episode.

    Me after I open Youtube: Oh yeah its fixing Friday how do I always forget?

  6. you could also use Martinelli as a striker, Tomyasu as a RB and Guendouzi, Saliba and Sambi can also grow very good. Would be cool to win CL with Arsenal without any signings.

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  8. Apparently teams aren’t allowed to lose 3-0. And I love how he acts like Arsenal still aren’t in complete control of the top four race. From a Man United fan

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