I learnt Ableton in one week.

I learnt Ableton in one week.

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39 Replies to “I learnt Ableton in one week.”

  1. I thought I would be taken through your journey of learning ableton and I might catch some tricks. But this was just one big ad for a course with lots of blabla and nothing….

  2. first of all, nice video!!! because you may want to experiment some stuff on the style of kompakt and monkeytown records on the longer run!!!

  3. I wanna learn mostly to play LIVE (not necessarily to create a song but creating different MIDI and Audio channels and jamming with them (beats, vocal and so on plus mapping) in Session View. I could produce a song with this in the end off course but mainly I like to learn how to play live with Ableton. Do you cover that in your course? Thank you!

  4. If I primarily want a DAW to record audio (acoustic guitar, piano, sax, etc) is Ableton useful? I would also use virtual instruments on occasion, but no beats, no samples, no looping, etc. Old school, play instruments with my hands, record audio. Is Ableton best for this, vs some other DAW?

  5. I use Ableton since 2010 and i would never change to any other DAW. But i didn't understand why people using it mostly for electronic music, and why they stuck with this in mind. I use Ableton mostly to do Orchestral Soundtracks or Metal.

    Btw: I do not use the Clip Session. For me its like a track is made of Lego Blocks and you puzzle to make it fit and sound good. In arrangement view, i can make the track have a flow and being more dynamic.

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