"I NEVER considered working for Spurs!" | Mikel Arteta | Tottenham v Arsenal

"I NEVER considered working for Spurs!" | Mikel Arteta | Tottenham v Arsenal


00:00 – Intro

00:10 – Will qualifying for Champions League prove Arteta made the right decisions throughout the season: We try to make the decisions for the best interest of the club and team.

00:55 – How precious will Champions League qualification be for Arsenal: It’s what we want to do. We haven’t achieved it for years and because of this it’s had consequences on the club, the fans and the finances. We want to put that right.

01:35 – Is the game seen as a cup final?: It’s the game that will decide it. What the game can deliver for us is important.

02:05 – Arsenal never playing for a draw: We always play to win. Spurs will try to do the same as us and I hope it is a spectacular game.

02:30 – How different do these games feel compared to Champions League games: At the time, the club were very consistent so securing Champions League was a must. Now it is different because we didn’t have the expectation. I’m excited about it. It’s a game that can help us move forward.

03:05 – Anything learn’t to take into the Spurs game: We had moments especially when we secured it at Newcastle with Koscielny’s header at a time when it was difficult for us.

03:40 – How big will it be to secure Champions League football: You have to put into context. I arrived in the middle of a season, then we had cup success, then COVID and more financial issues. It takes time to see the effects of it.

04:25 – Effects of tomorrow night felt by both clubs for the next couple of seasons: I don’t know. Expectation is huge and one club will achieve what they’re looking for. To win the match we need to be at our highest level.

05:05 – Young dressing room: It’s a team we’ve been building for the last two seasons. We’re always looking for a balance.

05:35 – Connection between fans and club: The best way to show gratitude is by winning tomorrow. The journey will change slightly but will be more exciting.

06:10 – Ever considered working for Tottenham: No. My relationship with Pochettino goes back to when I was 18, but he was manager of Spurs and I was here at Arsenal.


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43 Replies to “"I NEVER considered working for Spurs!" | Mikel Arteta | Tottenham v Arsenal”

  1. Cone layer thinking Spurs would be interested in hiring him, seriously what planet is this clown on? They're a big club with ambition Mikel, thats why they hire experienced managers. Then if they don't perform they replace them, not give them 3 year deals after finishing 8th twice.
    The truth is cone layer only went to Arsenal because he failed his medical at Hull City

  2. Any way you could set up a go fund me and we can donate to a second mic – one facing the press – so we can get better spaital audio 😀


  3. People are acting like spurs are some great team just because they parked the bus against Liverpool in a game they had to win LOL. 4 points behind us and this time they can’t park the bus 🚌 .

  4. 2-2. Just like City vs Liverpool everyone will think it comes down to this match. Neither team will want to lose and it will be decided by the remaining fixtures.

  5. I want the team to go out there and crush Spurs Top 4 ambitions in front of their own fans. No need for motivational speeches, the occasion speaks for itself!

  6. The pressure is mostly on tottenham but as well on us if they manage to score 1st goal i think it would be tough game then but hey we never know how football turns it my prediction will be 2-2

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