I studied with Learn! KOREAN with BTS – Is it worth it? // In-Depth Review

I studied with Learn! KOREAN with BTS – Is it worth it? // In-Depth Review

Welcome to my very first video! If you have any questions or video suggestions, please leave a comment down below.
Also I am very sorry for the background noise, there was some construction going on ._.

Warning: Please do NOT take a shot anytime I say “grammar point”. You will most definetely not survive.

Either way, thank you so much for taking the time to watch my Learn Korean with BTS review! Best of luck with your Korean studies ^^

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0:00 Introduction
1:54 Contents of the LKWBTS Book Set
2:56 Structure of the Books
10:11 Structure of the Grammar Explanations
11:49 Speaking Pen
13:18 Facts & Figures
14:55 Study Note
17:11 Pros & Cons
22:36 Things that LKWBTS won’t teach you
26:43 Conclusion
28:41 Opinion on Learn! KOREAN with TinyTan
33:55 Outro

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