"If we WIN, we’re in the Champions League!" | Mikel Arteta | Tottenham v Arsenal

"If we WIN, we’re in the Champions League!" | Mikel Arteta | Tottenham v Arsenal

0:00 Intro

00:05 – Team news: Partey and Tierney are out. White is a doubt but is feeling better, and Saka is the same.

00:25 – How does Arteta rate Saka and White’s chances of playing: Very difficult to rate with injuries. Today is the last day we can assess them.

00:50 – Is this Arteta’s biggest game as manager: This is the most exciting game. We had bigger games when we played Chelsea and Liverpool at Wembley. When you have an opportunity to achieve your objectives you can’t wait to play.

01:25 – Securing Champions League at biggest rivals ground: The message is clear. If we win, we’re in the Champions League next season. We don’t need any more motivation. We’re going to go for it.

01:55 – How difficult will it be to close gap to Man City: We expect every team is going to get better every year. The level of the top teams in the Premier League right now is unprecedented.

02:30 – Gabriel Jesus talks: You know I don’t talk about players that aren’t with us.

03:00 – Inspiration team talk from long-term club employee pre-Spurs: We tried to approach every game emotional in the best possible way. We try to find the right way to get the players in the right mindset.

03:30 – Any secret team talks planned: Whatever we do it’s always secret and will remain like that..

03:55 – Five years since last full house North London Derby at Spurs: It’s different because it’s a historic derby. We all know about it and what it means to our fans. The fans will be behind us.

04:20 – Better feeling, winning the derby as a manager or player: The winning factor is the best feeling. It’s not only about the winning, it about the experience you go through throughout the 95 minutes.

04:55 – Not looking back since NLD win: It’s a lot of moments that define the season. The games against Norwich and Burnley were turning points. It’s an emotional moment that connects the fans.

05:30 – The importance of finishing fourth: We all know where we want to be, and to achieve that we need to get through the Premier League.

05:55 – 90 minutes away from the Champions League: This is football. Things can happen either way. Be consistent with what you do and with time things happen.

06:35 – Driven by criticism early in the season: You have to be prepared for that. You have to deal with the pressure when not delivering the results.

07:05 – Wenger describing Champions League qualification like winning a trophy: I’ve heard that quote from many managers and Arsene was the first one who said it. He could see where the league was going.

07:45 – Winning tomorrow as big an achievement as winning the league at White Hart Lane: Hopefully we can have this conversation and we’ll see what the fans want to do.

08:05 – Only a draw needed tomorrow to qualify: It’s about the excitement and the opportunity to deliver it and that’s the mindset we all have.

08:30 – The pressure of getting the result: it’s not about the pressure, it’s just about having the inner belief that tomorrow is the day we qualify.

08:50 – A lot of the Arsenal squad not playing at Tottenham before: We always try to explain to the players what to expect. How they handle certain situations and it won’t be different tomorrow.

09:15 – Gaining an advantage from this fixture being played so late: So many things have happened throughout the season. It happened a long time ago and this is the game we have to play.

09:45 – Conte gaining an advantage by working with his players a lot more: Let’s see tomorrow. It’s true that it was many months ago and now we are much closer to the end and it’s a different situation with a lot more importance.

10:05 – Looking for a new striker in the summer: My focus is the strikers in our team.

10:35 – Working with Edu and using his previous experience: Me and Edu have spoken recently about his experience. That’s why it’s important to have former players.


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38 Replies to “"If we WIN, we’re in the Champions League!" | Mikel Arteta | Tottenham v Arsenal”

  1. Tbf this is tougher than we think it is. No tierny and partey- arsenal still been just about enough to win against chel,mnu,westham. But now even Saka is not confirmed. Again, smith rowe is a brilliant footballer. Now It's up to the motivation they can gather. Win and we're in the champions league.

  2. I fear cone layers luck is finally going to run out on him tonight and with the way we've been playing for the last 3/4 weeks, i fully expect us to drop points tonight and at Newcastle on Monday.
    I see Granit Xhaka or/and Gabrie lgetting booked and therefore miss Mondays game, Cedric will get ripped a new arsehole inside 30 minutes and Eddie Nketiah will remind us exactly why Leeds Utd cut his loan deal short and how desperate we are to invest in 2 quality strikers.
    Of course i could be wrong, Lacazette could justify his £180k a week and add to his 5 goal tally this season, Martin Odegaard actually turns up for a big game and the open top bus parade for finishing 4th could be as early as this Saturday afternoon.
    Prediction – Home Win
    Key Man – Kulusveski
    Taxi Waiting -Soares

  3. To be honest, where Arsenal finished last season, then with the investment they made (surrounded with a lot of justified uncertainty); I expected them to reach Europa at most.
    When you take that into consideration, as well as the youngest average team, a team not with a complete starting 11 most of the season…
    They have truly gone above and beyond.

  4. Arsenal, pls show us a glimpse of Champion League fighting spirit tomorrow. Show them again why Conte only won once against us for more than a decade.

    4231 vs 343 who's gonna win. Let's see.

  5. Arsenal have highest net in the premiership last 5 years higher than us chelsea and man city and they're fight for 6th 7th 8th with tottenham year out . This year 4th 5th losers

  6. I love Arteta not because he is good bt he is a leader and doesn't entertain nonsense…if he sees you misplacing passes even if it is 5 min..you wll support pepe on the bench 😂😂😂

  7. If arsenal win tomorrow its not even on arteta next 2 games its on the players they should have the hunger to get into champions league

  8. I guess Emery is much better tactical manager than arteta but arsenal needed more of overhaul rather than just replace manager and few players. Arteta had turned around the team but he should be thanking whole team including staff where in some cases injured player returned quickly and were more fit.

  9. this match it's so mutch special because we have to confront our with Tottenham Hotspur our rival team; our coach manager mister Mikel Arteta need our love confidence support in this hardest proof specially if our footballers are injuryed.This match will be hardest for sure but being optimistical like a good gooner will win three over zero being reallistical two over zero because the special motivation it's our return at Uefa Champions League.We have many footballers with injurys or expulssions but does it matter now more than ever it's so mutch urgently so mutch important so mutch necessary win this derby it's our obligation because will have more three games before at our return at Europe that objective depend's of us for that reason. Now more than ever we most still love and support at our team showing love humillity decission propositivity courage respect prudence discipline never underestimating at any rival unlike show good actions good attitudes since the minute zero to the last minute of that match specially if will play in the Tottenham Stadium. hughs and regreats from everyone of you in England since Bolivia La Paz City go on Arsenal we havw the obligation to find victory.Our the same will give us our ticket to play the Uefa Champions League

  10. Wenger arguably our greatest manager ever was fired due to not making the Champions league and missing out on top 4, now Arteta competing for fourth place is the greatest achievement ever, this fanbase is a joke.

  11. It will be a huge step in the right direction, and to do it in Tottenhams back yard would be the icing on the cake. I hear a lot of people saying we will just get humiliated if we play in the UCL but I don't understand that line of thought. We have beaten Chelsea 3 times in our last 4 league meetings, as well as beating them in an FA cup final and Chelsea won the UCL last season. I'm not saying we will win it, not at all, but I believe with a few quality signings in the summer we will be able to hold our own at least. Please win tomorow, I'm too nervous to be able to enjoy it. COYG

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