Is Dusan Vlahovic on his way to Arsenal?

Is Dusan Vlahovic on his way to Arsenal?

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Italian football experts Nicky Bandini & Mina Rzouki discuss the latest transfer news from Serie A as Dusan Vlahovic is linked with a move to Arsenal.

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21 Replies to “Is Dusan Vlahovic on his way to Arsenal?”

  1. As an Arsenal I say this: something about that Vlahovic story smells like rotten fish to me. Can't really explain why but I hope Arsenal will go a different direction

  2. Aubameyang to Juve is very2 possible by sharing 50/50 salary payment.
    If Arsenal can get D.Vlahovic and can literally added B.Guimaraes.Than Arsenal Top4 qualifing chance will be increase much2 higher.Only us United will be the competition for Top4 at the verry end.Westham,Spurs or Leichester wouldn't be able to catch up.

  3. If Dusan wants Champ League football and Title contentions, then Arsenal definitely won’t be able to sign him. Let’s just move on and get Isak or Jonathan David.

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