"IT WAS DESTROYED" Mikel Arteta Fumes At Referee Decisions After Tottenham 3-0 Arsenal

"IT WAS DESTROYED" Mikel Arteta Fumes At Referee Decisions After Tottenham 3-0 Arsenal

Mikel Arteta faces the press after Tottenham turned up with pressure on arch-rivals Arsenal in the race for a place in next season’s Champions League with an emphatic north London derby victory.

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40 Replies to “"IT WAS DESTROYED" Mikel Arteta Fumes At Referee Decisions After Tottenham 3-0 Arsenal”

  1. he needs to go at the end of the season he will have no idea how to compete in the champions league can't even handle Europa league 😅 quit and get allegri or Simone they will make us great again not this clown.

  2. I’m a spurs fan but either way this interview/artetas statements after the game are so cringey… no accountability, just blame the ref. I get that there were some close calls.. pen could be controversial but I don’t think you can say it was necessarily a bad call, just harsh/unlucky for Arsenal. That’s called a foul everywhere else on the pitch. Then the red card is absolutely indisputable, how can he be upset with the ref for that rather than his player? Embarrassing

  3. It's nonsense…Holding lost the plot, all tv pundits say ref had good game and could of booked him earlier….idont support either team but manager talking nonsense

  4. Don’t mention the COVID situation that He / They fabricated……
    But 3 points Gained is SUPERB …… COYS 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  5. He’s right, it was destroyed, and he can thank Holding for that. Ref wasn’t perfect but throwing your elbow like that could’ve gotten him a straight red. Gaffer loves to blame everyone else though.

  6. So Arteta, was it the tactics or the way the players played in tonight’s defeat. Why would Holding keep playing like that, he was destined to get two yellows. Arteta: Ref, ref, ref, ref ref.

  7. A cheater in SON who is always looking to dive, and a corrupted official in Paul Tierney and his crew! Not nearly a Penalty given, then giving every decision Spurs way! What a rubbish league and officals! Corrupted! Investigate that referee and send him to jail! And grab his breifcase full of cash he got from Spurs!!

  8. The penalty were soft not wrong as such. It just seems that refs are card easy with Arsenal but that other teams can get away with much more against us.

  9. Stupid.. ref didnt make any mistakes.. Holding up against Son was doomed to failure.. After that early yellow it was obvious hes getting sent off.. theres no way he goes up against Son rest of game without another foul.

  10. Was not a red.. thrs no way son was going too get that ball.. holding seen that it was safe so he just slowed down and son ran straight into him.. like a mans game Rob just let son know you aint getting that and gave him a little bump like a good derby should be.. silly red.. the other shit Holding did yeah he was making mistakes but not that incident..

  11. The red card was a joke. Yes holding was harsh and loose with a few challenges but any other player and team, this would have never been a red. Also the penalty was given for a handball. Where was var to check it? As far as I saw there was no handball.

  12. The ref needs to show restraint and call the game prudently. If you called everything by the letter of the law. There’s going to be too many fouls. I think a Red card should be more when a player’s health is at risk, like the Ayling incident the other day. But to give a red for a second yellow effectively killed the game after 30 minutes

  13. This is a way to take pressure off the players. It's still in their hands, they just need to shake this off and land the finish now!

  14. Rubbish he's saying. The players didn't show up. Because of the way he set them up. None of the players play good they bottle it,and loose their head. So he can shut the fu** up. With his rubbish. If we.dont make top 4 it's his fault. When pepe was sent off he slag him off but he did not with holding. Why? Because he don't like pepe.

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