"It's Official!" Taylor Swift Breaks Silence On Her Engagement

"It's Official!" Taylor Swift Breaks Silence On Her Engagement

Taylor Swift Just Revealed Her Engagement With Jow Alwyn!

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One of the benefits of being a hugely successful pop artist, we think, is that you don’t have to agree to go on an awkward date with Ted from Accounting because you have access to a full smorgasbord of Hollywood’s finest bachelors. Taylor Swift is a great illustration of what I’m talking about. The singer has been associated with musicians and movie stars, and she has a habit of singing about her past relationships. From Jake Gyllenhaal to John Mayer, Joe Alwyn is the latest celebrity to be linked and there are also engagement rumors. But it seems that this news is not only rumors because it seems that it was confirmed by Taylor Swift. How? Stay so you don’t miss all the details!

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