Jamie O'Hara believes Tottenham will BEAT Arsenal to the Premier League top 4 spot 🔥

Jamie O'Hara believes Tottenham will BEAT Arsenal to the Premier League top 4 spot 🔥

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35 Replies to “Jamie O'Hara believes Tottenham will BEAT Arsenal to the Premier League top 4 spot 🔥”

  1. The irony is it’s really what happens in the games other than the NLD that will decide the finish. Credit to arsenal, they haven’t played great but they have beaten the 3 teams you would have predicted then maybe losing points too. Wh, Chelsea and United. Now spurs have to beat Liverpool…. Even a draw and they will be 4 points behind arsenal and be relying on arsenal to lose or draw to either Everton or Newcastle. I think they will find a way to win those games really. This Liverpool game will decide spurs season. Not the NLD

  2. It would be sooooo Arsenal v Spurs…if Arsenal were to secure top 4 at Spurs’ ground, it would be typical of the history of this fixture.

  3. Man the h8 is u real. Just accept it; u cabinets bare an will be until u accept ur 2 spursy t acheive anythg.
    Intensity,gr8 skill so what..a win is a win. …

  4. No, it won’t be the biggest North London derby cos we’ll have the 3 points pad from Liverpool wacking of Tottenham by the time we meet. That’ll be 5 points ahead of Tottenham by the time we play.

  5. Tottenham is not beating Liverpool and they will struggle to win Brighton. So I expect them to get 7 pts out of the remaining 12 and Arsenal will get 9 pts out of 12 and nick 4th place

  6. When the pressure is on arsenal has competed and won even if it's a FA cup spurs never turn up and the NLD I can't tell u how many times arsenal have slapped spurs even when spurs come out hot winning and wind up losing lmao if I'm a spuds fan I'm not confident lol

  7. You can't be a pundit be so biased. Such a crap pundit, only listening to this because its about Arsenal. Laura needed to put him in his place.

  8. I have a feeling Jamie O'Hara might actually be right with those predictions. We are naff against the teams that battle it out and Newcastle and Everton will scrap

  9. Best spurs team in decades, with a superb front 3. If they don’t get 4th they are an utter joke. Especially compared to all the arsenal kids.

  10. Same guy that said “arsenal are going down” “ramsdale is an embarrassing signing” “arsenal are so far from challenging for top 4”….

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