Jesy Nelson BLOCKED Little Mix In Leaked DMs Amid Blackfishing Allegations?!

Jesy Nelson BLOCKED Little Mix In Leaked DMs Amid Blackfishing Allegations?!

Following Jesy Nelson’s long-anticipated debut as a solo artist, the girls from Little Mix all seem to have unfollowed her on Instagram, but some fans believe that it actually may have been Jesy who blocked them on the app. Watch the latest Clevver News Feed:

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Jesy Nelson

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26 Replies to “Jesy Nelson BLOCKED Little Mix In Leaked DMs Amid Blackfishing Allegations?!”

  1. Leave her alone Little Mix you're my favorite artist don't do that to her I'm very upset don't do this anymore Little Mix I'm protect her for Nicki Minaj she got my back ok I I don't even trust you Little Mix what you going to do now Little Mix I'm a fan anymore goodbye

  2. I honestly don’t get how this whole concept of blackfishing. I’m from Southeast Asia and I can get darker than Nicki Minaj after being under the sun for 5 minutes. I tan that easily, and I also don’t have straight hair. Would you all call it blackfishing too? Jesy has always been tan, from her x-factor days, the only difference for me is her lips got bigger. And about the hair, I’m sure all women in this world have changed their hairstyle one way or another. I’ve met a lot of people that have curly hair and isn’t black. You can’t just assume certain body features belong to one race, or a mixed race person.

  3. no first they support jesy for needing to leave due to mental health but than a year later they play the victims

    all because jesy revealed her mistreated of the management which had nothing to do with the girls

    and if leighanne is so innocent why like her white bff post who tan as fudge and making a positive comment but no she bashes jesy after 10 years knowing how insecure jesy was because of the bullying and trolling

    im not saying jesy is perfect and she has apologized for her love of black culture if it offend anyone which she never meant too

    she was celebrating the culture that’s all she ever knew and grew up with

    but yet jade can whiten her skin and it’s not offensive

    i don’t care about what race someone is i only care if they are good people

    ya i screenshot their ‘ Sincere’ love and support of jesy needing to leave because she was slowly killing herself trying to make everyone happy but herself

    don’t act like a victim after being concerned of her mental health a year earlier before jesy left

    what people did to leighanne was wrong also which i did admire but after jesy opens up about her bullying leighanne was barely there

    jade and perrie were there most
    but now they aren’t innocent either

    i don’t buy the never knew left crap i got the screenshot of their love for her decision

    i’ve been around fake nice people a long time

    i’ve been screwed by every single one of my ex friends ex bfs but i never took it out on other people

    i can tell the difference and i know wat true tears are

    first y’all bullied her to almost dying and than bullied her out of little mix and now bullying because she loves a certain culture and still is insecure about her looks still

    she said slowly getting there but now on her own she admits she still feels uncomfortable

    and she gets bullied some more

    God didn’t make all races to be heartless

  4. What's blackfishing on that? Girl is gorgeous as she is. I can't really take that people can't put tan without people saying that they're trying to be black 🤣. Hello, there are people who are living in the tropical countries in the world 😆 atleast not tryna boost y'all self esteems with the thought of people are trying to "look black" with tans 😆 unless they put pure charcoal, you cannot accuse them that 😭 let's fight 😭👈

  5. For me idont like Leigh Ann pinnock 🤨😡and for me ilove jessy nelson she's beautiful and she's have a unic voice that's why ilove jessy

  6. I remember the fan of Little mix bragging about how they love each other and they are true and shades other groups. Now see there's no such thing as perfect look at them they can't even be happy to each other's milestone. How sad too much disappointment.

  7. Jesy I am with you all the way, infact I respect you more now than before, why call it black fishing, would you call it white fishing if its was the other way round, big up Jesy

  8. Firstly, this is a new term for an old word, appropriation. Next, she doesn't look black to me in the video and I read that she was in the Caribbean so she got a tan. The music is black, people have been doing black music since the blues and jazz were invented. No controversy.

  9. No hate but i always thought the group would look much more aesthetic/better without Jesy in it anyway , both physically and vocally speaking so yup it is what it is 😌❤️.

  10. I find it fishy "to leave the girls for her peace" and still go out there alone, knowing that negative comments will never ceased because that's just how variety of ppl are,. Why can't ppl leaving the band just come out clean that they want to go solo, instead of saying some drama but then ending up wanting to be solo- there's nothing wrong in wanting to go solo- whats weird is reasoning different things but ending up solo.

  11. Crazy how I got backlash for stating she left the group because she WANTED to go SOLO! Y'all making excuses how her mental health is why she left, no she was smart and went solo. Like more people in groups do.

  12. They should’ve at least helped jesy promote her new single and like jesy said she literally just came back from a vacation when she filmed the video

  13. Sorry two people in little mix, Leigh Anne n jade too she's mixed race, like seriously get over this shit, who's White who's black what the fuck does it matter… Thank you 💯✌️ ✅✅ ❤️🇮🇪 🇮🇪

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