Jesy Nelson REACTS TO Little Mix Dissing Her In New Song…

Jesy Nelson REACTS TO Little Mix Dissing Her In New Song…

Jesy Nelson REACTS TO Little Mix Dissing Her In New Song…
The music industry is one that is very competitive and over the years of its expansion of artists and performers, the competition only grows stronger and stronger. And with the fame that this may bring an artist, something it also brings is a lot of attention, both positive and negative. For quite some time, Little Mix had been a group that was talked about all over the world. As a matter of fact, Little Mix, till this day, presents itself to be one of the most successful girl bands of all time after a decade of relentless trolling. But as many of you may know, this group of 4 has been a trio for a while now. And it seems to be that Jesy Nelson has decided to make a return on her own terms. We will break it all down for you but first be sure to like the video and subscribe to the channel below.

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Jesy Nelson

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37 Replies to “Jesy Nelson REACTS TO Little Mix Dissing Her In New Song…”

  1. Everyone should respect her decision, and let her take care of her health, and be an soloist! She wants to ppl love HER music, she don't want to ppl look her as SOLOIST JESY OF LITTLE MIX, she's not in the group anymore, it doesn't mean that coz they don't interact in public they don't talk anymore! they'll always be a family, just respect both sides.

  2. Jesy lied about mental health just to go solo and now she black fishes and she makes up things about little mix she said that they forced her to were bikkis and said that they forced her to get plastic surgery and the girls loved jesy until what happened about the Nikki manj the way she just laughed when Nikki talked about Leigh Anne that’s not what a true friend dose and then soon after she got with Leigh Anne’s ex boyfriend and before jesy broke up with her ex she didn’t show him her face without make up jesy woke up every day before her boyfriend woke up to do her makeup she really messed up

  3. 4:34 I believe it's due to how one was treated growing up: what one finds familiar, how one learns to contextualize their relative worth both about themselves as an individual and relative to authority figures from when they were very small and reinforced up to about 17 years of age. Basically it's its one or more of (A) someone didn't validate her and/or her values at all (B) Someone was really inconsistent with their care and attention of her [mood swings] or (C) someone didn't understand healthy boundaries [her space, her time, differences in values between her and them, instances when it should've been appropriate for her to say no and her going against her intuition for one or more emotional reasons encouraged by the environment.] There'd be one or more traumatic experiences on that basis if any of those are true. I believe this phenomenon is more common than one might think because it has less to do with objective reality and more to do with our personality quirks as individuals. If someone in one's childhood environment in the mind of the child caused unhappiness somehow, and they were around them for roughly 18 years best believe such a person will come away from that with some issues. That is, unless they're actively questioning everything with critical thinking, getting second opinions from wise people, and really considering consequences of choices before making a decision and this goes from grand ideas to everyday choices like whom to befriend or who to visit and when.

  4. All this crap accusing her off blackfishing can i just point out, strictly comedancing, ariana grande, leigh anes best friend none of them get accused of blsckfoshibg for having a tan.

  5. Y'all have got to stop calling them the most successful girl band ever. They've done AMAZINGLY well and are super talented, yes. But the Spice Girls were the biggest girl band ever. Fact.

  6. No hate to jesy i love her and i really hope that shes better, she deserves the love and the world.
    But everyone (perri, leigh and jade) they always supported her. Made her feel better man

  7. Lol smh, people out here defending jest because of all the things she had to go through but failed to consider what the other girls had to endure because of her as well. It's alright to feel sorry for Jesy because she's been through a lot but dont use it as a defense for the hate that comes to her because of the shitty things she has done to the women she called her sisters for a decade.

  8. Jesy felt like she is different because everyone kept cyber bullying her . Body shaming her and blaming Jesy of being black. Also Jesy should be mad at Leigh- Anne of being pregnant because what happened is my friend Emani was pregnant and she never told me that and I got mad about that. I know she looks different now and she is not black fishing. you all kept calling her a cat fish and it’s not OK because she’s not pretending to be someone else. What’s not OK the rest of the Little Mix talking bad about her behind her back and is not OK because that is called betrayal. All other people in the comment and all the little mix fan I have an advice for all of you don’t ever talk negative behind peoples back because that’s called betrayal and backstabbing

  9. I dont know if thats relevant but Jesy isnt following any of the LM members on Instagram and none of the girls are following her… so I feel like they are not friends and/or speaking terms anymore 🙁 I wasnt a huge fan of Jesy but she was funny and I do miss her in LM

  10. WOW social media is noisy Jesy wants to live her own life like dang if she wants to go solo let her yall just big mad because she sounds good by herself

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