Jesy Nelson Speaks On Her Solo Career Failing

Jesy Nelson Speaks On Her Solo Career Failing

Jesy Nelson Speaks On Her Solo Career Failing

Jesy Nelson officially launched her career as a solo artist in October 2021, and according to outlets things have not exactly been going as she expected! Is her career tanking before it even begins? And what does Jesy think about her solo career? We have all the juicy details!

When Jesy announced her departure from Little Mix in December 2020, she said that she found the constant pressure of being in a girl group and living up to expectations really hard. She added that there comes a time in life when people need to reinvest in taking care of themselves rather than focus on making other people happy, and she felt like it was finally time for her to begin that process. Well, the new process for Jesy involved launching her solo career even though at the time Jesy also noted that she didn’t know what the future held for her at that point in her career.

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  1. I've always been a fan of little mix… but I don't know why; i've never liked Jesy… and seeing all that drama that she iss envolved and all that shit, i'm relief that i never stanned lol

  2. She is a very good singer and dancer; nobody can take that away from her. The reason her song failed so badly was because of the way in which she went about launching her solo career and the issues thereafter .

    She made a documentary in respect of the trauma she endured as a result of “being the fat one from little mix” and the pain and devastation it caused her yet she completely trashed little mix and allowed her new bestie, Nicki, call Leigh-Anne “a joke” on an Instagram live, which in my eyes is bullying and indeed what she was so deeply affected by. Given her experiences of being publicly bullied, she should’ve intervened and called Nicki out for that, rather than laughing.

    Her actions are the reason this song failed and it’s going to take a lot for people to get behind her now.

  3. Can't tell if her career is tanking just yet. Next moves are crucial. I expect solo artist stepping up to be able to show a part of themselves through their work to help me relate to them and believe in them, creatively speaking. Black fishing is just trashy and cheap, artist that do trashy things like that I don't take seriously, easily forgettable to me.

    She can save her career if she does a 180 before making her next move and earn a respectful and successful career keeping her head straight.
    If she continues on this Hollywood persona she's created then her career may tank or she will set herself up on a career that will make her a joke to the end (there have been artists that managed to mess up and still have a career but have never gained respect, been nothing but a joke still) – on this path I think we will see a lot more plastic Jesy in the future.

    The job requires some level of faking but there's an extent to it for the sake of art, beyond that, overdoing it to a point that you're being a completely different person…yeah, that's overkill and best way to ruin yourself. I'm not part of the cancel culture, so for me, it's dependent on what she comes up with in the next few steps but she better watch out, cancel culture is the king still and she's so far a bit lucky, it's not too bad but eeeeeeee…she's on the edge of the cliff for sure. I for one, if I see more trash come out of her…I'm just not going to be bothered ever give her a try again. Boyz is trash.

    I think she has a lot to show creatively because there's a person behind all that persona that people will be able to believe in and relate to at a level. It will be a shame that her talent and whoever she is behind all that she is showing right now is buried because this is what she wants to stand behind. I think she's lying to herself that this is actually the artist she is (black fishing and trashy music) because she has a hard time stepping up as an artist she truly is for whatever reason (reasons from the past or something else). It'll be a real shame if this is how she continues, I might be wrong, but I have a feeling that staying this way, black fishing and being over the top fake, it's just not going to work out so well. I am seeing a slippery slope down a road I rather not share.

    Amy Winehouse, Adele…such artists kept themselves authentic, that's how you build a career. Of course, Amy Winehouse was fighting a lot of demons, R.I.P, such greatness taken too soon. They make me proud to be British, nowadays, less artists like that. All want to be Americanised and this is what becomes of it.

  4. Le pasa por victimizarse y dejar a sus compañeras mal el karma es bueno se cumplió lo que dije que va ser de las artistas olvidadas como Carly rae Jepsen , victoria justice ,gwen stefani etc .. gracias karma por castigar a gente ipocrita como ella .. espero todo el éxito para little mix ❤️

  5. I still dont understand what she was thinking leaving her sisters. Why would she leave the great support of her uber successful group and attempt to go solo?? She says cuz she wanted to leave the scrutiny of being under the public eye, yet she goes solo and loses the support of her group only to be more scrutinized under public eye BY HERSELF!!! Never ruin a good thing Jesy!!!!!

  6. So I wanted to like her solo stuff. I really did. She was my favorite member of Little Mix but I just can’t get behind it. It’s too muddy of a situation with the Nikki drama and the bad song performances. It’s just lack luster and it makes me sad.

  7. its nobody else fault its yours dear why? because you betrayed them by not stopping Nicki who you meet just 3 years ago for disrespecting Leigh, Jade, and Perrie who is there for you in 9 years

  8. Tbh she has Nicki to thank for that lol. Not only did she allow Nicki to go on IG live and disrespect her friends and former band members, but she sat there and didn’t even defend them. That left a bad taste in Little Mix fans’ mouths and the general public and nobody wanted to support her after that. Boyz was actually doing okay on the charts but after that it plummeted.

  9. Her own fault. She blew it by attacking her 'sister' and allowed someone else who has been known to be against women (must I remind Minaj being married to someone who committed sex crimes against women, and threatened the victim) and talked down LM who supported her throughout. She also spoke out about mental health issues, and decided to put herself out as a solo artist when being solo involves more work, more public eye awareness and more people expecting on your name. SORRY Jesy, you song was rubbish and your attitude has become even worse. You did this to yourself.

  10. I can't say I fully understand what black fishing is but jesy always lookd the same since the start.. even look bck at x-factor.. what was said on the live was Tru but I do NOT agree with the bullying no matter the situation it's 100% wrong.. I love the song and video had white guys in it!!


    The song is a hit, She did well

  12. I think it's too early to tell if her solo career will fail but it's definitely not a good start, leaving LM in the middle of an era with no mention of a solo career, sparking controversy by not taking the previous blackfishing accusations seriously, sampling and having a feature in her first single failing to create a solo music identity, lipping most of her first live solo performance and burning the bridges with LM and most importantly the mixers on that live by letting Nicki drag Leigh-Anne…. I mean none of this is good as she made herself a controversial figure, failed to introduce herself as a soloist and lost the support of the mixers which were most likely going to be her fans before she cemented a solo audience. I mean I don't want to compare but I mean look at Joel Deleon's solo career pr so far in comparison he's done everything remarkably I'm only mentioning this because they both left their respective groups around the same time.

  13. to be truly honest I'm not even thinking about the drama… even if that didn't happen.. the song was just bad 😔 like very very mediocre… I tried hard to like it but it just didn't do it for me… so yea… still I wish her all the best especially knowing she is struggling with mental health.. I hope she apologises for her mistakes involving her controversies and tries to start over..

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