Jesy Nelson – The Next Chapter

Jesy Nelson – The Next Chapter

The next chapter.

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Jesy Nelson

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48 Replies to “Jesy Nelson – The Next Chapter”

  1. Fuck all the hater's Jes you was my favourite since the beginning mate , most girls relate to you these days and my daughter too back in those days , your an inspiration to everyone never forget that girl ❤ your on fire 🔥

  2. @Jesy, Truly Brilliant Well done Girl Can’t Wait to see your Future from here, Massive Respect n Luv You Rock, You n Nicki make n Awesome Team 💝

  3. They were mad @ Geri (Ginger) for leaving her group (the Spice Girls) first as well. Ppl will be uncomfortable at first, but they will have to adjust & get over it like everyone else.

  4. Be kind blah blah… To get up the ladder…. C#@p on pals… Play the victim and show real colours laffing wen someone's saying mean things about anuther… I neither like or dislike jesy or little mix…. But actions speak louder than words…. Jeez…. 🤔

  5. Do your thing girl !!! and remember the more they hate the more you’re doing exactly what you’re supposed to be doing! Shine bright and live your best life! You got this bring us some good music OK 🙏🏽

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