Josh Kroenke REVEALS Arsenal Transfer Plans! | Moussa Diaby £65 Million Move?

Josh Kroenke REVEALS Arsenal Transfer Plans! | Moussa Diaby £65 Million Move?

Josh Kroenke REVEALS Arsenal Transfer Plans! | Moussa Diaby £65 Million Move?

#JoshKroenke #Arsenal #MoussaDiaby

In the latest Arsenal news today I discuss Josh Kroenke interview! I also talk about Moussa Diaby & Gabriel Jesus as well as all other Arsenal signings! What other Arsenal news 2022 should discuss!

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45 Replies to “Josh Kroenke REVEALS Arsenal Transfer Plans! | Moussa Diaby £65 Million Move?”

  1. Arsenal should take advantage of Bissouma's contract situation – he can rotate with Partey in the middle. Niles and Elneny can go.

  2. 3rd is a high possibility right now, Chelsea are on the downfall right now. Man utd are out the picture spurs trailing but they have Liverpool next (bye bye) but we have to win the rest of our games with the hope that Chelsea and spurs lose or draw 2 or 3 out of there last 4. Let's see what happens

  3. One thing is for a fact, Osimhen wants champions league football and if arsenal finishes top 4 they will get him signed as long as they can open the Bank.

  4. I love how arteta fan boy bhavvs raves about artetas genius. the guys never had a job before and it shows. afc has one of the lowest possession rates in top 5 leagues. saka averages 9 possessions per half. this is half the total of the top clubs. arteta has the lowest goal tally in 20 years 3 seasons in a row. hes bought 4 defenders yet conceded more this season than last. hes bought players not good enough. hes loant out players who are better. if it wasnt for saka esr wed be close to relegation. to all the worshippers to bhavvs king of the arteta xhaka fan boys club. I'll never forget your arrogance bhavvs quote "i told you so." if arteta xhaka cant beat Everton Leeds and Newcastle you owe the fans a public apology. skiting rubbing it in fans faces xhaka and arteta are the afc legends who will lead this club to European glory according to xhaka arteta fan boy bhavvs. hes has 100 percent faith xhaka and arteta are the best people for there job.

  5. We need a CB signing (Going into a season with 4 CBs is never a good idea), preferably someone like Tomiyasu, who can play all across a back four if needed to. Godfrey comes to mind. If we retain Elneny and Maitland-Niles, we should go for Tielemans. He's cheaper because of his contract- and if we finish top 4 we can guarantee him Champions League and a regular starting spot, where United, Spurs, Chelsea and Real Madrid couldn't guarantee both of those things. If we let go of one or both of Elneny and Maitland-Niles, we should sign another CM, someone like a Kalvin Phillips. It's really unlikely we'd get Phillips AND Tielemans, but if Leeds get relegated, you never know….

    We need a winger and two strikers which is a lot to ask for, but going for Gnabry, Jesus, and Calvert-Lewin would be ridiculous…. Also we should definitely keep Nketiah.

    A Starting 11 Next Season of: Ramsdale, Gabriel, White, Tomiyasu, Tierney, Partey, Tielemans, Saka, Odegaard, Gnabry, with Jesus up top? And then DCL, Phillips, Smith Rowe, Martinelli, etc. available on the bench? We could challenge Liverpool and City.

    Obviously all of this is very unrealistic… but I can hope.

  6. bhavvs is the hugest arteta fan boy and will defend all incompetence. if we dont sell saliba this season we risk selling him for peanuts or free. he doesnt seem to want to be at afc or even like arteta why would we want him back. terrible man man management by arteta. how many managers have players cancelling contracts refuse to come back or completely iced out if selection. morinio comes to mind that's it.

  7. bhavvs is deluded that xhaka is as good as bhavvs fantasy of xhaka. do u know bhavvs arsensl version of messi xhaka has a cross rate of 26 percent. as we seen vs west ham even a 36 year old second string midfielder can own xhaka. why does xhaka pass backwards and side ways. cause he doesnt have skills to play balls over the top through balls or crosses. we seen this vs west ham.

  8. to Josh kroenke. will we expect kse to stop making money out of afc. will kse ever invest back in the club. Josh do you thinks it's fair to steal Emirates stadium after weve paid over a billion for it. it belongs to kse now not afc. all privates events profits go to kse not afc. is that why the most expensive season tickets in epl have gone up. or is that due to kse refusing to use there money on kse new stadium. kroenkes are that cheap. fans have to pay for stadium refurbishment. even though its not arsenals anymore. it's now owned by kroenkes bought for 200 mil after afc paid a billion. absolute criminals

  9. We're pushing Young Bukayo too much when we have Nico sitting on the bench. Arteta needs to rotate with Nico in some games to give him some rest

  10. Jesus & Gakpo could be bought for a combined sum of around £70M…..which would be way lower than the utterly ridiculous £85M Napoli are asking for Osimhen; and only slightly more than the £65M which Leverkusen are looking to get for Diaby!

  11. £65M for Moussa Diaby seems somewhat excessive if you ask me! Cody Gakpo has similar goal creation stats for this season, but would only cost us around £30 – 35M…moreover, he is much bigger >> stronger; is a natural leader, and unlike Diaby can play as a central striker! Gakpo would be a far better >> cost effective investment for our progressive future if you ask me!


  13. Anyone see the shift Reiss Nelson put in during that semi final second leg today? I’d rather see him get a new contract instead of going with Diaby for most of our budget.

  14. Arsenal should compete 👏 😴 👌 🙌 😤 🙄 against Liverpool and Manchester City next season if they have William Jon Francis God of God's playing ▶️ 🙌 🙏 😀 😉 😄 as a striker. As for Arsenal new football ⚽️ 🙌 👏 😀 😎 👌 kit I like 👍 👌 😀 😎 😄 😍 the away kit ,but I am not sure about the home kit,. The collars are off putting. Good luck 👍 💓 ✨️ ✨️ ✨️ ✨️ to Arsenal on Sunday. God willing 🙏 🙌 ✨️ ❤️ ♥️ 😌 Arsenal will win 🏆 🙏 🙌 😀 💪 👍. Arsenal rocks 🙏 🤲 🕍 🕌 ⛪️ 🪨.

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