Super Kevin Campbell returns for his fan question series. This is a pre-recorded episode. It’s short and sweet, so get stuck in and let Kevin know what you think.

Have your voice heard in our football democracy!

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  1. 1. Eddie will score 4 goals in remaining of our games and if he does that,it will be enough in my opinion to get us into top 4.

    2. If we win our next 3 games – westham,leeds and spurs,yes we are gonna make it to the top 4 as spurs are bound to lose points at Liverpool. So winning at spurs would put us 8 or 7 points ahead of them which mean mathametically we would make top 4.

    3. Granit xhaka will stay at the football club unless an offer north of 20mln arrives. As we intend to bring one CM , its virtually impossible to survive in ucl as well as pl with xhaka leaving and bringing in no replacement. Elneny + xhaka should stay plus we will sign one more midfielder.

  2. 1) Eddie for 5 goals total this PL season
    2) Win the next 3 games and we get top 4 with 1 point out of the remaining 6. Still not fully in the bag, look at the twists and turns. Everton had the meanest low block against Liverpool. Don't want it to come down to that, we might not get a shot off. Really struggle against low blocks with key personnel missing.
    3) Xhaka stays on for rotation. Dependable 7/10 and we will be undergoing Part II of squad overhaul. If our new mid has a wobble, we can stick Xhaka in there and know what we're getting. Arteta has improved him a lot since he does a lot of work on receiving the ball with ideal body position in different scenarios to make our players more press resistant and better at circulating the ball (less touches required). Notice how he doesn't get caught on the ball so much anymore and can play one touch for the first time in his career. Those improvements have been crucial to make him a solid contributor. With Laca gone, his leadership in the dressing room will be useful. His continuity and stability will help during this massive change at the club. Definitely should get a creative 8 this summer, but he has a part to play.

  3. 1. Eddie ends with 5 goals.
    2. I think we need a draw on top of those 3 games/wins
    3. Xhaka needs to stay if we can keep him. We cannot lose any more players if we plan to be in Europe and hold water in the league cups.

  4. Eddie will get 2 or 3 more goals, 3 more wins should achieve us top 4. Granit Xhaka can go be Roma captain, I'd be glad to see the back of him. Time to upgrade and move on. 👏👍

  5. 1. i don`t give a toss who scores as long as Arsenal score more goals than the opposition, 2. the teams around us are a bigger pile of crap than us so i say we need to win 3 games 3. piss him off . thanks Kevie , have a great day💖👏👏👏😉

  6. Eddie will score more goals given the chance, how many I have no idea.
    My gut says top 4 will be decided by the NLD or the final game against Everton.
    Only with the correct replacement let Xhaka go.

  7. 1. Nketiah will score a hatrick against Spurs and we'll give him a new bumper contact ! lol
    No, really he only scores 2 more.

    2. Winning 3 games isn't enough but it doesn't stop some supporters singing that silly 🎶 We've got super Mik Arteta🎶 song next season ! lol

    3. Xhaka gives us false hope by playing blinders for the remaining games and we'll give him a new bumper contract ! lol
    No, really he gets sent off against Spurs and reminds us all how dumb he is !
    Have a great bank holiday weekend Soph, Super Kev & Squaddies 🙏

  8. HI Kev have agreat evening. Thank you for video, hope the team can do us proud.
    1 hell get 1-2 goals
    2 3 win we got top 4 but need to make sure we score as many goals as poss to increase chances
    Xhaka stay another season if we cant upgrade on him

  9. I'm With you Super Kev,
    I'm Glad Xhaka has revived his declining stock,
    In My opinion, on this Third Arteta Window of asking, with a Harder, Younger FASTER EPL in 2023, we should Sell Xhaka 1st thing in Summer, & Bring in a serious Improvement!#COYG

  10. Q1.. he was score 4 more goals
    Q.2.. no we will have to do a bit more to Secure fourth place
    Q.3..if he is willing to be a squad player yes…..🤔 but we all know it’s very on lightly…👍🏾

  11. Am expecting jesus,quality CDM, QUALITY LB AND RB,with quality CB..who joins cause we have CL…no to players who feels lucky to join arsenal we have loads of them..bin bellerin,cedric,lacazette,mari..bring quality players like neves,jesus,Abraham,with quality CDM WHO CAN REPLACE complacency thank you…that’s what got us into this mess in the first to lovey dovey to bring rashford cause he aint feeling good at his club

  12. Liverpool got salah,fabinho vandigke with CL got bernando silva,debruyne,diaz with CL expecting arsenal to get players like locatelli,vlahovic which we couldn’t before with no CL..not players like rashford,DCL,Richarlison..we are fighting to get players who elevate us not players who will normally join with no CL

  13. 1. Eddie will get 2 more goals to make 4.
    2. Win next 3 games well have Top 4.
    3. Xhaka will stay with us for at least 1 more season.
    At tees squaddies Super Kev and Soph xx

  14. In answer:

    1. Eddie will get another 3 goals in the remaining 5 games.
    2. I'm not guessing anymore – my nerves are shredded!! Hopefully 10 points in the remaining 5 games will do the trick.
    3. Keep Granit as a squad player for next season. He should not be first choice from season 22/23 onwards.

    Peace out.

  15. In my opioin at this moment in time Xhaka should stay on a year contract and I know we have to look forward but I can't see anyone out much better than him

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