KinnPorsche The Series – EP.4 | Reaction

KinnPorsche The Series – EP.4 | Reaction


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34 Replies to “KinnPorsche The Series – EP.4 | Reaction”

  1. Thank you for this great reaction, It's good you say about doing it under the use of drugs, It was hot but very questionable… was it ok? I dont think it was but on the other hand it was hot… why cant Kinn hold his horses until the other guy is not under the influence of alcohol or drugs?

  2. let Vegas fall on a tree.
    I now have to survive until next week to watch Episode 5.
    Can I do it? I don't think so.
    This series with each episode surprises and delights me
    I'm glad that I waited so long for the broadcast.
    Kinn's relationship Kinn with Porsche it's interesting. It's how Kinn kissed a Porsche, on the bridge, and in this episode speaks for itself.
    I am very curious how the further situation will develop.
    And let Vegas fall on a tree.

  3. OMG was this episode funny. I was laughing right along with you. And, NO on future missions, Porsche can not take anything, including water!!

  4. Javi already needed little Kinn to consume the sexual tension. uff brother Kim excellent, I need Saturday! and that body w power that loads apomile ufff waiting to consume the love of that pair and see if they give romance and history by kimXBroporsche

  5. Yes, Vegas is the sickest character in the whole story… the things he did in the novel were very psychotic and next level scary or but most people like Vegas it's funny 🤣🤣

  6. I feel like I am watching some movie about to be nominated at Cannes in that last scene. The sex wasnt even the focus. The whole unravelling was intense. They are setting us up for so much suffering.

  7. in the original video at 52:18 did you know they were naked and facing each other, and it was sticking together, it was driving me crazy🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    and the channel that I like the most the reaction is your channel, I like it I like it I like it 😍😍

  8. Hi.​ Thanks for you make this​ EP.​ for reaction. But we will appreciate a​ lot if​ you​ can​ delete some​ Part​ that​ only​ show​ UNCUT.​ Thank you so much

  9. I absolutely love this series I remember how shocked I was to see porsche and Kinn kiss in episode 3 I thought it wouldn't come that soon I was glad when porsche headed butted Vegas I also wasn't expecting this scene either I thought the sex scene wouldn't happen until in the next 3 episodes

  10. I absolutely cannot understand how Porsche is always the one who is drunk or drugged and yet he is 100% the one in control. Kinn might be the top but dude, he is not in charge.

  11. Kinn tried his damn hardest to hold back in that situation and I kinda respect him for that. But I mean, Porsche really pushed his resolve in his intoxicated state! Kim and ‘Chay are just too cute!- Or should I say Wik?! 😂

  12. In the book, Porsche was drugged with an aphrodisiac and was like begging Kinn to take him so I am kinda bummed out that in the series they didn't make that clear. He kinda just acted like he was drunk so I could see where some fans are in an uproar about that scene. I love watching your commentary about the series though ahaha! Its so funny and not much different than my own. Keep up the good work 🙂 Can't wait to see next weeks episode!

  13. I rushed online to find a reaction video to this and yours was the first to pop up. So good! You literally matched all my thoughts 😂😍. So can't wait for next week's episode. This show is toxic pro max! But also so good!

  14. I can't get into the sex scene at the end because technically Porche was still under the influence of drugs and clearly in no right state of mind to consent to anything. It just doesn't sit right with me at all, though it did shock me when they started taking off their clothes holy shit I didn't expect them to go that far

    Also love Kinn's friends clowning him about Porche lmao

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