KinnPorsche the series EP4 reaction

KinnPorsche the series EP4 reaction

woah do not let people find this vid…🔞 thoughts at 25:45

for reference
Mile = Kinn
Apo = Porsche


ig: joycehysin

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  1. Porsche está vulnerable y no está de todo sus canales, pero me da risa su personalidad. Es tierno, casi como un niño. Kinn, trataba de no perder la postura. Trato de resistirse al principio, no quería lastimarlo. Pero al final no pudo más y fue como un modo de demostrar, " lo másculino" que es, debido a la broma de Porsche.

  2. The first time Kinn kissed him it was like he wanted to check what Porsche ate. Drunk? drug? To check the smell or taste that is still in the mouth of the Porsche Because there is no evidence left in the room, the only thing that can be checked is the Porsche. Noticing as he pulled away, Kinn's eyes and brows furrowed together, as if thinking. And I think Porsche is conscious but not much. May not be able to control themselves because of the drug.

  3. Porsche did intitate it but he was still high af on whatever they drugged him with so can he really give consent? Probably not I think I want to hold off on calling in SA until ep 5 and we see how Porsche reacts when he wakes up

  4. Kim, the guy at the university with the guitar and the one that was behind everyone is the third brother of the mafia family, he’s kinn’s brother and I just realized this now after rewatching it w u

  5. I could be wrong but I just assumed that the people called Vegas “Boss” because they work for him- he is their superior- so I don’t think it means anything BIG!?🤷🏻‍♀️

  6. I think the consent issue is shaky, but the fact that Porche was obviously aware of who he was with and what was going on, makes me ok with it- he was talking about their previous kiss at the docks as well, so I feel like that, combined with the fact that the showed he was clear headed enough to resist Vegas (when presumably the drugs were at full strength) and THEN he threw up as well.
    Also Kinn didn’t react at first when Porche was teasing and touching him. He kissed him, sure, but he backed off- it was Porche who continued the kiss and took it further!🤷🏻‍♀️

  7. vegas has become dangerous, I have become afraid of him and I also fear for a pete from him, the poor's pete😩😞

  8. As for Kinn not letting his “friend” kiss him…kissing is an intimate act. Not allowing any kissing keeps it “business”. Doesn’t cross that preverbal line. At least that’s what I’ve read on the subject.

  9. You are a pretty smart girl to use 🍑 to block nudity. Not only does it follow YT requirements, but the shape of this fruit also looks like what it is blocking 555.😀😄😂

    I too don’t think their bonding is a rush. They’re attracted to each other, that’s how the chemistry works (if there’s chemistry between them). And I’m thrilled because my speculation seems valid. Kinn’s younger bro – Kim starts investigating Porsche through his little bro – Porschey. My hunch has told me Kim doesn’t mean well to Kinn. Wait & see if it’s true ?😛

  10. Porsche knew that he was doing it with Kinn coz he called out "Kinn" before they started doing.

    Nevertheless, this series has been slightly deviated from the novel, unlike the first trailer (9min) that sticks very much to the novel.

  11. First of all what did Mr Vegas had on was it white or black…if I remember correctly Mr Vegas has a tone different to this guy

  12. KinnPorsch are simply FIRE together. They have amazing chemistry. They are an interesting pairing to watch, I'm so interested in how this pans out because Porsche is a softie and Kinn I think is so complex, I don't think he would've chosen this business because his guards said he used to be kind. Their relationship is fun to watch, Porsche keeps Kinn on his toes and fascinated by what he'll do next. And their sex scene was surprisingly sexy, funny and tender.

    Porsche and Tankhun are too funny. Keep Vegas away from Tankhun and his platters 😆 🤣 😂

    There's so much to process with this series,, they pack a lot into these episodes. Vegas in the red room, I mean come on 😆 🤣 😂 Is it Saturday already??? Need the next episode like right freaking now 😆 🤣 😂 😹 😆

  13. Soooooo, why it shouldn't be on YouTube?? I found it well done, quite PG, and a hell of a turn on. I'm a mozzarella + straight+ female in your world. Still explored though. Honestly, this production company' series is finally delivering some good quality BL. No shame in desire, beside age, the only problem is bigotry.

  14. Vegas approached Porsche bc that his mission from his dad, the second family always hunt the talent guy in first family or bribe them, also Vegas jealous Kinn, he wants Kinn suffer, Vegas and Porsche both had little brother, the situation kind similar, they live for their younger brother, so deep down Vegas respect Porsche…he knew how much a man can do for their brother, he didn't in love for Porsche, but I think he likes him, Porsche really a charming guy. Vegas is a complex character makes the story intense and interesting 🙂

  15. Who else was waiting for Joyce to post so we can see her reaction to the love scene. You are getting comfortable with this but I was still laughing at your facial expression on some scenes. 🤣🥰❤️🤩 We got you, ask us anything and we can get you through these dramas 🤣❤️

  16. Vegas got issue!! Jealous and hatred is to much build up in this man body… but I like his character development in the book even though it a pain to get there 💔 !!! But I screaming to see Vegas and Pete in the same screen lol even there not to much interaction

  17. Loved your reaction!
    Vegas is technically a mafia boss too – he is part of the secondary family so he's not as important as Kinn but he's definitely rich and prestigious enough so he has many people working for him too. He's a total creep tho (Bible is so hot tho my oh my) 😂😂😂

    You're getting so brave, i didn't think you were going to include the entire last scene but I'm so glad you did! I loved the emojis tho, super appropriate hahahaha it was a very intense scene with many layers to it. The issue of consent can and should be discussed – this was dubious consent at best – but there is still a lot to happen on the show and we don't know how they're going to handle the aftermath of this episode so I personally will wait for the show to be over before i make up my mind about this whole thing 🤷

  18. Porsche faints like twice per episode 🤣
    It's impressive the views gap between KP and other BL's that reactors get
    Btw the musician at school is the other Kinn's brother, he will be couple with Porsche's brother, but somehow he hates his family
    About the last scene, they didn't say it but the book did, the drugs were for "numbness and sexual desire", so Vegas was basically gonna rxpx him but in a way Porsche wanted it because the special drug. So what happened with Kinn was the effect, not that Porsche actually wanted to have sex with Kinn, anyways they kinda make it look like it was consensual but it was painful for Porsche and he felt guilty and sad the day after 🙁

  19. Always love your reaction,you are so sweet.I think the bathroom scene was a break though in Thai BL, this is how people in love act,same times they portrait the couples just like friends,no desires,that's just not real
    I thought interesting,how Kinn is pleasuring Porsche , while whit the other gay he is just there waiting to be pleased,he is starting to like him 😆

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