KinnPorsche The Series – Episode 3 (Reaction) | Topher Reacts

KinnPorsche The Series – Episode 3 (Reaction) | Topher Reacts

Okay series! I see what y’all are doing😏😏🇹🇭🏳️‍🌈💛🖤👬🏽

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22 Replies to “KinnPorsche The Series – Episode 3 (Reaction) | Topher Reacts”

  1. I look forward to them kissing while 100% fully sober.
    As a bartender, I would hope Porsche to be somewhat aware of what his alcohol limit is, and I imagine it makes him uninhibited/lowers his guard.
    Given the nature of the series and both Kinn and Porche’s personalities, I think this kiss was well placed. I don’t think they would’ve taken this first approach at intimacy unless they’ve been at a vulnerable place.
    There’s a tension between them that they both feel, even if they don’t admit, and at some point it’s going to explode. Not sure how positive or negative that explosion will be, again given the nature of the series. I imagine things will be difficult before their romance actually blooms.
    So this moment, where they’re both slightly sauced and vulnerable did not feel out of place. Their walls will probably be back up next day.

  2. I cannot wait for EP 4 and also for Jeff's song to come out! (I don't know if you noticed but that was Jeff singing on the kiss scene 🥺)

  3. Also Kinn wasn't as drunk as Porsche but he was still kind of tipsy otherwise I don't think he would've kissed Porsche but that's just my opinion lol

  4. I'd like to think that Kind asked Porsche when was the last time he was that happy because he himself was trying to think of the last time that he was as happy as he was on that night 😔

  5. Porsche is such a cute/flirty drunk.
    I'm on the same boat with the kiss, but I think how they especially Porsche reacts the next day will determine my permanent feelings about it.
    The more seriously Porsche takes his job or the more serious things happen to them the more serious/intense the eps will be, I feel.

  6. "But Pete is such a sweet boy. I don't know if he can get down and dirty with the fisticuffs."

    Pete proceeds to roflstomp old man Mes before putting a bullet in him. 🤣🤣💀

  7. It's another ep that inserts a lot of jokes. Almost the whole ep tells the story of the good feeling that Kinn started having with Porsche, giving the last scene a great ending. That kiss was very romantic. Thank you for your reaction. See you in ep4

  8. Let's also put into perspective, that while Porsche is clearly the more intoxicated of the two, Kinn has also been drinking so he is on some level impaired also. I point that out because I don't think the kiss would have happened had Kinn not been drinking. We've been shown so far that Kinn guards his emotions very closely. (which leads me to believe that he has been in love before and was very trusting before and something terrible happened where he felt the need to close himself off to survive in the environment he was born into) He's very self contained. And while he has lovers or a lover(sex buddy) he's still distant and in complete control of himself. However, hints have been dropped since episode two that Kinn is developing feelings for Porsche. He may not understand what they are or why he's feeling about Porsche the way he does, but something is there for him. Him moving from a position of safety while standing behind Ken and saving Porsche is very telling. Him dismissing his boy toy and going to check up on Porsche is telling. Him feeling comfortable enough to leave everyone at the club and go out alone with a drunk Porsche is also telling. I know some people saw the kiss as romantic. I didn't, in that again I don't think it happens if Kinn had not been drinking. To me the initial kiss was impulse for Kinn, something he would have fought against while completely sober, but alcohol having lowered his inhibitions allowed him to indulge in. As for Porsche, I think when he's sober he's going to be confused as to why he kissed Kinn back. I don't think he has a clear understanding of his feelings for Kinn, in part because he was forced into Kinn's world and he's been resentful of it.

  9. Most people failed to see how beautiful kinnporsche's love story because they focus too much on the negative and ugly side of the characters. Kinn fell in love with Porsche because he can be just himself when he is with him and Porsche found comfort and security on Kinn. Their relationships is far from being perfect but I loved how both of them is willing to compromise just to be together and their character development is chief kiss especially on Kinn.

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