KinnPorsche The Series La Forte | Episode: 4 | รักโคตรร้ายสุดท้ายโคตรรัก | REACTION | MileApo

KinnPorsche The Series La Forte | Episode: 4 | รักโคตรร้ายสุดท้ายโคตรรัก | REACTION | MileApo

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31 Replies to “KinnPorsche The Series La Forte | Episode: 4 | รักโคตรร้ายสุดท้ายโคตรรัก | REACTION | MileApo”

  1. Done watching ep 4, so happy to the outcome some scene in novel change in the series but this is what I image while reading the novel 🖤

  2. This episode higher my blood pressure, anxiety,heart attack can't sleep so m here….now can't wait for next ep…my heart is still beating fast….

  3. KinnPorsche has raised the bar so high! Their scene was the most beautiful and passionate ever! I must admit, though, I kept thinking 1. he threw up! and 2. where's the lube? (I know, I know, I should just suspend disbelief and go with the flow, cause that was 🔥🔥🔥) 🥵

  4. I was shocked by your reaction to their +18 scene 🤭, because I watch your video first before watching the EPS. (because here on 🇧🇷 the fanbase only launches at the end of the day with the subtitles in br)

  5. I watched this episode and my jaw was on the floor on that last scene, this bl has completed redefined bl shows,wow 😲…*side bar* what's up with Kim's storyline,I feel like I missed something when I read the book, why does he seem shady, I would hate that, coz I absolutely love him… I love this version, there's consent,no gay shame spiral, like it's a relationship that could be healthy. These guys did a great job

  6. The book is different from the series.
    I like the show in some parts and book in other. But i think they have different perspective. Kinn is far less aggressive in this version, for now at least….
    Liked your review.
    Back to back series cutie pie and kinnporsche.
    I would like an uncut version from their night too

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