Kotlin Crash Course

Kotlin Crash Course

A beginners guide to learning the basics of the Kotlin programming language, which is heaviliy used in creating Android apps

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Philipp’s Android App Tutorial (Traversy Media):

00:00 – Intro
00:52 – Why learn Kotlin?
03:01 – Installation & Prerequisites
10:12 – Hello World
13:07 – Variables and Data Types
20:00 – Arithmetic Operators
22:32 – Logical & Comparison Operators
26:20 – Strings
27:32 – If Conditions
30:40 – Null Values
35:47 – Lists
39:09 – While-Loop
41:39 – For-Loop
43:36 – When-Expression
45:35 – Functions
54:59 – Classes
57:59 – Inheritance
1:02:53 – Abstract Classes
1:05:44 – Anonymous Classes
1:08:07 – Try & Catch
1:12:22 – Lambda Functions
1:20:37 – Generics

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46 Replies to “Kotlin Crash Course”

  1. Thanks a lot! Very nice and thorough introduction. You pointed out some great little nuances about the language that already make me excited to get started. 🙂

    For extra credit, the final function you write — the generic customCount() extension… if we want to be 'clean', we should rename the variable 'string' to something like 'type'. So, "for (type in this)" etc.
    It pays off to have your variables named properly 😉

  2. Trying to follow along but mine is a bit different (newer version, on Linux) and there was no Kotlin in the generators list when creating new project, only Kotlin multiplatform. But, mine had me select Kotlin or Java right below where you name the project and above selecting SDK, so I chose Kotlin. Then I couldn't create Kotlin file, it was not an option.

  3. Damn,,, bro this is crystal 🔮 you have really explained everything to the extent that ,,, even those that do not have an idea what programming is ,can grasp everything… Thank you for this bro keep up💙🤜🤛🙏

  4. I'm getting completely different options to you. For example when I click Kotlin after creating a new project, JVM IDEA is not an option. I try the only JVM that comes up, but cannot run anything because it asks me to configure it, with loads of options I don't understand… has the program changed significantly since this video???

  5. @Philipp Lackner so the I (OR) is referred to as the PIPE symbol So II is the Double PIPE. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. Very clear explanations. You go further than most with the syntax and some edge cases and clarifications. Very helpful.

  6. thnks a lot for the vid!!
    i have one issue: when i press enter twice on this:
    val number1 = readLine() ?: "0"

    val number2 = readLine() ?: "0"

    val result = number1.toInt() + number2.toInt()

    to give null twice it doesnt take 0 + 0
    it show Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: ""
    can anyone help me understand why pls

  7. Just to put it out there…I was not able to RUN the code initially…it just showed the 'EDIT CONFIGURATIONS' option.
    The solution was to just press RIGHT CLICK on "src" Folder —> Mark Directory as —> Sources Root.

  8. I am new to app development and I can see how this crash course can help me. This new version of Intellij IDEA will ask me to choose Target JVM version and Test framework when adding a new project. If you can help me out, that would be really amazing.

  9. ​For anyone who finds there is no "File -> New -> Kotlin Class/File" option, you may have to mark the top folder (in the Project pane; with the project path next to it) as being the "Sources Root". Right-click the folder and use the "Mark Directory as… -> Source Root" option. Then the "Kotlin Class/File" option should become available from the "File -> New" menu.

  10. Thank you, Hali, for the effort you made, and your presence from the beautiful and beloved characters with explanation, and God increased you in his knowledge. I learned Kotlin Android and I went back to learning from the first to verify the information that I learned from the Arabs, so may God reward you with confusion because most of what we have learned is not complete, and thank you very much and good luck. God bless you

  11. Lol 😀 don't tell a lie, Edge is your fav browser, I know that. Jokes apart, the secret is, after 11 years of experience on Android and 4 years in Kotlin, I refer to your videos for Interview purposes (as interviewer or as interviewee) 😀

  12. My kotlin-crash-course – src has files in it, his doesn't. It has a main with kotlin and resources, then has another folder that says kotlin and resources in that one as well. What do I click? Neither are allowing me to view it..

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