LAP-F1 – How to measurement IO-Link bus

LAP-F1 – How to measurement IO-Link bus

Video Introduction: How to measure/debug the IO-Link bus. When the parity fails, the decoder will display an error.

Brand name: Zeroplus
Product Category: Logic Analyzer Analyzer
Product name:LAP-F1 (
Software name: ZP-Logic (

Video description:
1. Set sample depth frequency and trigger position
2. Set the trigger condition,
3. Set protocol decoders, Find the IO-Link decoder, Configuration protocol decoder. Choose the appropriate baud rate
4. Click the (Single Capture) icon,
5. Start the device under test
6. Click that (Show the entire waveform) icon
7. Select the (Package List) window
8. Drag the mouse from top left to bottom right to zoom in. Double-click the packet in the packet list and the waveform will be displayed synchronously. Double-click the packet in the waveform in the list of packets will also be displayed synchronously

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