Learn ALL Russian Alphabet in 60 minutes/hour – How to Write and Read Russian

Learn ALL Russian Alphabet in 60 minutes/hour – How to Write and Read Russian

This is the best compilation to easily to learn Russian alphabet and master Russian writing in X minutes/hour! Don’t forget to download your FREE PDF cheat sheet to learn Russian twice as fast: ↓Check how below↓

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In this video, you’ll be able to learn everything you need to know about Russian writing. We will teach you how to WRITE and READ characters of the Russian alphabet. We will teach you those using simple steps and giving you common Russian words. If you want to get started reading and writing Russian, this is THE place to start.

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39 Replies to “Learn ALL Russian Alphabet in 60 minutes/hour – How to Write and Read Russian”

  1. Since she refers to the line of the paper so often, it sure seems like it would not have been a big deal to put lines on the screen as she writes each letter—again, simply for the reason that she refers to that line on so many letters.

  2. При такой системе никто быстро говорить не начнет. А уж, тем более, за 20 уроков! Зато быстренько все запутаются. Может, это и есть цель?

  3. Very beautiful and tough language . Strong dedication and determination needed . USSR Lord Vladimir Putin and Lenin . Hail Russian Federation . Hail Communism .

  4. Thank you, I enjoy your videos and like how you broke things up, but the English cursive O is not the same as Russian, it has a small curve at the top.

  5. hello Svetlana 😎, which syllables (vowels) are stressed in this name, please could you rewrite it?
    Аслан Казбекович Карацев
    Is it maybe:
    Áслан Казбéкович Кáрацев?
    And how sure (100% confidence) are you in your given answer? 😀
    Thanks for your help! 👏🙋😻

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