Learn Arabic through short stories for beginners 1

Learn Arabic through short stories for beginners 1

Learn Arabic through short stories for beginners

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Download the texts of the the stories (with translation):

This is really an easy and interesting way to learn a language, as most of you required these videos are without music ,and English translation is added as subtitles. These videos can be considered as great lessons for beginners who don’t want to start learning Arabic grammar rules,as you know the best way to learn grammar is through the context and that’s what you will see in these videos.

so I hope you enjoy learning through these series of videos that I am creating for you , let me know if you want to add anything to these types of videos( learn Arabic through short stories for beginners and kids).

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If you have any question please contact me at arabicbl@arabicblooms.com

All the best , let’s learn Arabic.

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34 Replies to “Learn Arabic through short stories for beginners 1”

  1. Hello! Would you be so kind as to tell me if the following sentence sounds correct?
    أعشق زوجتيني
    meaning "I (passionately) love both my wives (or my two wives)". I'm not sure if it's OK to attach the personal affix to the dual number affix because I noticed that sometimes the Noon ن tends to disappear when "overcrowded" 🙂 .

  2. This is honestly the best YouTube channel for learning Arabic. I have learned so much so that I can actually communicate in Arabic with the locals, just ordering items and food etc

  3. These videos are really good and those Who are interested in learning can do so easily, but I personally would be most grateful if someone could read the stories slowly so I can grasp pronunciation. Thanks for sharing

  4. This is very helpful thank you 🙂 It would be even more clear if you would put the spelling in english letters in arabic next to the english word because it is difficult to hear the pronunciation without also seeing it written in the english alphabet.

  5. Dear Radwa, thank you for your wonderful job! I have a question concerning this lesson. on 04:00 and 06:19 min you use the word KHARAJA, but I don't seem to be able to find you explaining its meaning. Further, you use LAM for didn't but there in the text it reads FALAM, for which I am still lacking an explanation. Could you please help me?

  6. This is amazing, it backs up and helps with my lessons. I'm nearly at the 1 year mark for learning Arabic. At first I worried that I could not tell the different letters apart! Now I'm more or less there on the writing system just a few more months I'll have it nailed. But it's been a little disheartening that I tell people iv been learning a year but I know no words lol it took a year to get the writing system mastered! So I'm watching some videos to just learn a little alongside the writing!

  7. hello, do you know any easier stories, websites, or canals? something like phonics, Sight Words, and words family stories in english? it is really hard to find something totally basic in Arabic 🙁

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