Learn C++ With Me #1 – How to Compile and Run C++ Code

Learn C++ With Me #1 – How to Compile and Run C++ Code

Welcome to a brand new Tech With Tim tutorial series! I’ll be going over the C++ programming language, and teaching the language for beginners. This series is fully suited for those who’ve never coded at all, or those who know a little about code. In this first video, I’ll teach you how to compile and run a C++ program, and how to set up your coding environment.

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minGW (Windows C++ Compiler):
Sublime Text Download:

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⭐️ Timestamps ⭐️
00:00 | Introduction & Series Overview
02:06 | What C++ Is Used For
03:43 | Text Editor Install
04:50 | Windows Setup
09:24 | Mac Setup
09:45 | What a Compiler Is
10:47 | Our First C++ Program
13:39 | Compiling C++ Code
16:20 | Running C++ Code

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27 Replies to “Learn C++ With Me #1 – How to Compile and Run C++ Code”

  1. Just a reminder that this is for beginners! If you’d still like to follow along and already know a language try watching the videos in 2x speed!!

  2. 13:57 – I've been using computers since before DOS 1.0. I was a network manager for 12 years. I have never seen this trick! I have been installing add-ons to add the command prompt to the context menu. Then Microsoft added it in by default. But I never knew I could type a "command" in the file path (address) bar to open up a command prompt at that location.

    Are there other commands that work here? Does this technique have a generic name so I could search for more information?

  3. for those that have their .cpp file with spaces, e.g. My first program.cpp, be sure to include the name and .cpp within quotation marks – when compiling the code (as seen in the second last part of the video). I looked this one up while following along, felt like helping out.

  4. Thanks man, I did the same steps before, but downloaded the same compiler from the original site recommended by visual studio, and the bin was EMPTY. So the link you gave for the third-party download DEFINITELY helped!

  5. as a programming student who has already installed visual studio

    is mingw really necessary, or are they only for complete beginners who have just had the impulsive thought to code, and are looking for guides on how to do so

    i did download sublime, simply for the fact that it's a more user-friendly text editor

  6. On the command prompt it says that g++ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. Any idea what I am doing wrong? Thank you.

  7. Hi, can u plz make a video on building C/C++ jobs through GitHub to Jenkins . Along with Static code analysis and code quality and Unit test as part of CI process.

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