Learn Chinese with Chants 1 | for Beginners | Mandarin | Kids | Little Fox

Learn Chinese with Chants 1 | for Beginners | Mandarin | Kids | Little Fox

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Stories introduce basic words and expressions with story topics including objects, numbers, colors, feelings, and more! Repetitive and rhythmic chants make learning easier.

00:00 Intro
00:07 Chant_I See
00:50 I See
02:02 Chant_Big and Small
03:02 Big and Small
04:06 Chant_Balloons
04:50 Balloons
06:03 Chant_My Day
06:50 My Day
09:08 Chant_Spring Is Here
09:45 Spring Is Here
10:36 Chant_I Like Ice Cream
11:55 I Like Ice Cream
13:29 Chant_Teddy’s Day
14:13 Teddy’s Day
15:08 Chant_Who Is Working?
15:47 Who Is Working?
16:58 Chant_I Am Sick
17:37 I Am Sick

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Little Fox is a language education company. We present an award-winning collection of leveled,
animated stories and songs. Our goal is to help children learn languages in a natural and fun way.

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