Learn HTML & CSS in 2022 | Crash Course

Learn HTML & CSS in 2022 | Crash Course

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— Today, we’re going to embark upon a brand new frontend development journey where I hold your hand, and we code a web design from scratch. In this process, you will learn some HTML, CSS and a tiny bit of JavaScript in a crash course setting. By the end of this video, you will have created a fully responsive design that works on all devices.

The Figma Prototype:

Codepen demo for this project:

0:00 – Introduction & Project Preview
1:19 – Interactive CSS Course
2:13 – HTML Explained
5:35 – CSS Explained
8:50 – Code Editor & Project Setup
11:53 – Writing the HTML
48:53 – Mobile First CSS
1:17:01 – Mobile Navigation CSS
1:24:27 – Finishing the Mobile CSS
1:26:38 – First Breakpoint
1:30:25 – Second Breakpoint
1:44:20 – Defining Animations
1:51:09 – JavaScript
1:57:33 – Final Thoughts

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45 Replies to “Learn HTML & CSS in 2022 | Crash Course”

  1. Hey all, what are your goals for 2022? Me: Release 2 more courses and begin work on a new SaaS for creators in my niche. 😉 YOUR TURN!

  2. This is absolutely the best way to present on the material: for the novice, you can go really slowly and research on every topic, but for the professional – you just take it all in and you don't have to increase speed of the video to 5x or looking for the sections – thank you very much indeed!

  3. Thank you for great tutorial.. as a beginner i learn a lot. but i'm still figure it out the white nav still appear when i resize the screen. any idea how to fix this?

  4. Hi I am really enjoying your content thanks so much for it. Can you please drop the links to download the images?

  5. I do appreciate this video but I would be lying if I said that this video is not a little bit advanced. its definitely not for newbies , you're using sass, js and media queries
    I think that's way too much

  6. hey when i downloaded live sass compiler (the one made by ritwick dey) i dont see the watch sass on the bottom when my scss file is open or closed. even tough when i check it, it shows disable which probably means its enabled . please give a fix

  7. You're amazing! But can you make some frontend course for advanced which have watched all your four crash courses for beginners?

  8. i hope coding will be mostly unnecessary for really nice and interactive "front end developement" soon. (its already nice, but….)
    learning to code is like learning latin.
    dont wanna spend 10 years learning it just to realise my webdesigns on my own.

    in my opinion coding is – or should be – outdated by now.

  9. Well i think you should have key in the svg section from scratch because i didnt open the ShoeBrand webpage to copy and past the svg part so i was wondering how to actually get that..

  10. This wasn't certainly a simple website design it was a lot of features used , content was awesome for a good weekend to go back to design concepts ! Thanks

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