Learning Blender – First 45 Days

Learning Blender – First 45 Days

Earlier this year, I wanted to try diving into 3D modeling. This was because I had a desire to create a game for fun and thought it would be good to expand my creative skillset in general. Since I heard a lot about Blender, I thought to check it out. I tried learning Cinema 4D years ago, but didn’t get too far. I decided to try learning 3D again, this time with Blender. But, I was still new to 3D and Blender’s interface was drastically different. However, I was able to find many helpful learning resources (link below) and enjoy it!

This is a progress video documenting my first 45 days of using Blender. I still have a long way to go, understanding shader nodes better, sculpting, and animating. But, I am looking forward to it! Hope you enjoy!

❚ Grant Abbitt’s Channel (Extremely helpful Blender resources and fantastic teacher!!):
❚ Dedouze’s Channel (Awesome detailed tutorial on Grease Pencil):
❚ CG Cookie’s Channel:
❚ Polygon Runway:
❚ Josh Gambrell:

0:00 – Intro/Exploring Blender
0:27 – Creating Shapes
0:44 – Modeling a Scene
1:02 – Various Blender Exercises
3:54 – Experimenting with Modeling & Shaders
5:10 – Modeling a Cartoon House
6:00 – Trying Voxelize Python Scripting
6:52 – Low Poly Well
7:20 – Sea Shack Scene
8:50 – Trying Grease Pencil
10:30 – Modeling my Nintendo Switch

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