Well its only one day left till this all important NORTH LONDON DERBY between Tottenham and Arsenal

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  1. The difference is Arsenal’s levels have dropped under Kroenke’s and Spurs have risen under Levy i think Lee saying but i understand what Tobi is saying he’s not doing enough to give Spurs that push when they need it and they always going to fall short ? 👍🏻

  2. Btw being Welsh, Rodon is better than average player..he's been amazing for us and had never been given a chance at the scum. Very unfair comment from Tobin

  3. The champions league final for spurs was on the back end off two transfer windows with no spending and getting rid off dembele in the January window when trippier said himself he feels we may have won the final if we kept dembele and not replacing dembele in that january in that season as well was criminal. Pochs good work at the time always masked levy's incompetence we had a lesser net spend then stoke .

  4. Tottenham are going through there biggest trophy drought in there history . They won fa cups UEFA cup in the 80s and were pipped to the title by everton . Levy continually takes spurs to a certain level then fails to give the money to the manager to go to the next level and more then often let's managers miss out on there targets . He often haggles and lacks ambition

  5. Levy great financial owner but does lack the footballing side of things. There are several times under different Managers that they were so close to challenging for top honors and winning them but for a few more investment in players.

  6. Spurs fans need to realise where they were, they have no business being in UCL finals, don’t talk like you were a big club because you weren’t. Arsenal were winning titles and going invincible, don’t try compare your situation to ours because you’re like an ant and arsenal r like a lion, u can’t feed crumbs to a lion but u can feed crumbs to an ant

  7. Levy off the pitch is one of the best Dierctors in the world but on the pitch success he fails to succeed again and again. From one trophy in 22 years to constantly failing to back managers and always look for shortcuts to success instead of having a clear plan. Redknapp and Poch both got sacked instead of backed, constant missing out on A targets to get B rate targets that dont succeed and cost more in the long run. The worst part is that Levy charges the highest ticket prices in Europe and knocked down WHL to move us to a soulless bowl.

  8. You could make the same case about Wenger Before Wenger, Arsenal and Spurs were much closer in term of trophies and it all changed when Wenger joined. He took you to a different level and Lee Judges is old enough to remember. That still didn’t stop you from shouting out “WENGER OUT”!! Now your itching to get back in a tournament you ridiculed Wenger for consistently putting you in.

  9. Wenger out remember? A guy that was hounded out for only getting top 4 at best in the end of his time at Arsenal, the actual guy that made Arsenal a real force, the builder of the "Invincible's" , and the cheek to say Spurs fans are out of line for wanting more ambition? lool
    This is direct hypocrisy. Wenger out may or may not have been the right move. It was for the EXACT same reasons though.
    So with all due respect …shut ya Pie holes lool

    Im a Liverpool fan btw , so I have no pony in the race, I can see the BS though

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