Level Up With… learnopengl.com

Level Up With… learnopengl.com

learnopengl.com has been a huge source of learning and inspiration for me. I decided to walk through the tutorials again to refresh myself of the various techniques and concepts, and kept a log of what I learned. This video is therefore my version of a “tech demo” and “tribute” to this fantastic website. I hope it serves as inspiration for you to take a similar journey!

My aim is to use some of the concepts, processes, and techniques to update my game engine – and has reminded me of areas which I’m very keen on “levelling up” in over the next few months. Watch this space!

– Container box, smiley face, environmental cubemap all per the learnopengl.com website by Joey de Vries – twitter: (license: with other textures and models sources from royalty free content on the internet

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12 Replies to “Level Up With… learnopengl.com”

  1. I don't really like learnopengl because you're very restricted in using the code samples. It's well made. No doubt. But showing people how to do things with copyright restrictions on top of what you learn makes not much sense to me.

  2. In what timespan did you learn and make this OpenGL stuff? And what do you do for study/work and what are your ambitions? Any graphics programming related?

  3. The hardest thing i found when playing with openGL was getting models and textures to play with, normal maps and specular maps.
    Also i had to write my own obj and texture loader, which worked correctly on only a few models i found online, also i could only load a single texture per model, and alot of models have multiple texture files.
    Any tips?

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