Little Mix – Little Mix break down their music videos | Video Breakdown – Vevo

Little Mix – Little Mix break down their music videos | Video Breakdown – Vevo

“We wanted to be the biggest girl band ever” the girls say as they describe their excitement whilst shooting the “Wings” video. Now one of the best selling girl groups of all time, it’s safe to say Little Mix have made their mark. In the last decade, the 3-time BRIT Award winning group who started as college kids with a vision have now become leading voices of female empowerment, body positivity and LGBTQ rights through their music. To celebrate 10 years of Little Mix, the band reflect on their journey so far as told by their music videos. From questionable wardrobe choices (quoting Jade: “In 2012, I wouldn’t be seen out the house without a bow on”) to Leigh-Anne getting head-butted in the complex choreography of “Touch”, join Little Mix as they share their favourite music videos and behind-the-scenes moments in this ‘Video Breakdown.’

Watch music videos by Little Mix:

Watch the “”Between Us”” album here:



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